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* Steam Warning *

The garage was cast in shadow when Hades and Lexi entered through the side door, but Lexi didn't seem to need the light. Her grip on his hand was sure as she strode determinedly to the limo and plucked open the door. She slid across the back seat and Hades followed, his heart racing and his manhood behaving like an obstinate child begging to be released from its punishment.

The dome light stayed on after the door closed, illuminating Lexi's creamy skin as she yanked off her jacket. Then, without hesitation, she shimmied out of her dress. Her fearlessness and immunity to vulnerability made him hard with desire, not to mention her perfect, pale breasts. And the wanton look in her eyes confirmed her need for him was just as strong.

As the limo light blinked off and they were plunged into darkness, Hades relieved himself of the confines of clothing. He made limited use of garments at home, but, strangely, mortals took offense at the sight of a naked man walking among them. Lexi wrapped her bare arms around his neck, and pressed a kiss to his mouth, offering him her tongue as her hands roamed the contours of his body. He lowered her onto her back, and she draped her legs over his hips, tugging him down until his rigid manhood rested against her belly.

Lexi reacted with a throaty moan, her fingers circling and massaging his chest as she slowly progressed downward. When she reached his erection, she paused there, touching him gently with her fingertips. "Mmm." The seductive epithet escaped her lips as she closed her hand around him. Then she slid her fingers up and down his length, teasing the crown with her thumb.

As she continued to stroke him, Hades released his own whispered refrain,  letting her know she had him under her spell, and her body rose and fell in time with his gentle thrusts. She handled his manhood with confidence, bringing him to the brink of delirium then loosening her grip to offer mercy. It made him wonder how much detail was written in those romance novels she read. 

When he thought he could resist his urges no longer, Lexi released him as she spoke into his ear. "I'm handing the reins to you."

Her words sent his pulse racing, and he turned to grope for his pants, which lay on the floor of the limo. "I have to retrieve something from my pocket. Will you miss me?"

"Very much," came her sultry reply.

Hades pulled out the condom that had traveled with him all weekend, and once he'd made the necessary modification, he bent over her mouth and brushed a kiss across it. "You are miraculous. And I am the most fortunate god on earth."

He guided himself to her entrance and found her slick with unsated hunger, a bud eager to bloom. Using the mindful discipline of Zen, he slid inside her plush walls, and they enveloped him with such readiness, it was as if she had been designed specifically for him. Her treasure seemed to accept only one key, at least that is what he told himself as he indulged in the gift she offered.

Lexi repeated her mantra. "Oh gods, I want you. I want this." And Hades obliged, filling her slowly, thoughtfully, until he felt her maidenhead give way. He was in, and she was properly deflowered.

Lexi gave no indication the experience was anything but pleasurable as her back rose off the seat, bringing her taut nipples up to graze his chest. He followed her fluid movements, surging forward with controlled strokes then gradually retreating, satisfying her with every inch of him. Her body hummed like a finely-tuned instrument, fueling his libido as well as his emotions, and his composure nearly left him as he voiced his rapture.

"You have ensnared me, Lexi. I am helpless to your siren call."

Reaching around his head, Lexi drew him close to kiss him deeply. All the while, their bellies rang with the sound of flesh upon flesh. Hades relished the feel of her tongue in his mouth and her breasts on his skin. He wished he could worship every inch of her body, to extend their liaison until the sun forced them apart, but he was too far gone. After three days of taunting, his manhood felt like a steel rod and pleased with him for release.

Slipping his hand between their bodies, Hades fondled her delicate petals, and Lexi reacted with a powerful jerk, as if his touch was the trigger she needed to set her off. With a euphoric cry, she detonated around him, squeezing so tightly there was no resisting the pull. Hades clenched his jaw as he trembled against her in an explosive climax that echoed through his body in raw, exquisite waves. What she did to him was nothing short of astounding, and he was staggered by the depth of his feelings for her at that moment.

Breathless and panting, Hades lowered his chest to rest lightly on hers, and she draped her arms over his shoulders, staring at him through the near total darkness. He knew she could see his eyes, as they tended to shine brighter when he was aroused. He could definitely see the smile on her face, and this made his heart sing. If he was reading her cues correctly, her first rodeo had been better than she imagined.

Finally, she brought her lips to his mouth, speaking in a tenuous whisper. "I think I have come undone."

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