Thirty One: Agaisnt All Odds

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Chapter Thirty One: Agaisnt All Odds.

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Little mix - I love you
Mariah Carey ft Westlife - Agaisnt All Odds



" Luke" I managed to whisper as he held me and swung me side by side gently.


When I first met him I was in Year 7 . It was the school's disco , we had to pay 50p to get in . Everyone was so excited to go , it was the school's topic that week . All the kids couldn't stop talking about it .

Except for me.....I hated it

My mum practically forced me to go to that disco with my older sister Eve. She kept begging my Mum and personally I felt like she did it just so she wouldn't hear her whining . My mum bought us clothes . Eve's one was a pink dress with frills from her knees she had a white fluffy cardigan covering her . She thought she was the greatest just because my mum allowed her to have lip gloss and pink eyeshadow on . I on the other hand did not wear the dress my Mum bought , my Mum being clever bought a long navy blue skirt that went down to my ankles and striped long sleeve top .

"She looks like a nun " My Sister said horrified with what I was wearing " I don't want her to come if she's going to embarrass me like that "

" The only person you're going to be embarrassing is yourself " I spat .

"Shut it the pair of you ! " My mum scolded us " Evelyn don't insult your younger sister like that and Skylar don't make fun of your older sister"

"Yes Mum , sorry Mum " We both said in unison. .

As soon as we arrived at the School's disco, Eve ran away from me , refusing to claim that we were siblings that day but I didn't mind..I was relived because that way I could be alone. I sat where there was taffy flavoured popcorn was and devoured the delicious treat I would soon regret to come . I was only beginning the school and hadn't really made any friends , not like it was my priority ...I didn't mind really . I didn't act or liked the things kids my age would usually like . Suddenly a boy with spikey brown hair came running towards me . He had fogged up glasses and a red face from the running .

"Help !! They're making us dance and Susie Fry chose me ?!!" The boy begged me for help . I was about to answer rudely but then stopped .

Susie Fry was sooo annoying . I wouldn't want to dance with her too .

" Quick ! Down here" I grabbed his collar and dragged him down and pushed him under the table . Luckily for him the table had a decoration cloth so nobody would suspect him there .

Susie Fry came waltzing towards me . I gave her a look . Just because she was held back she thinks she could wear a wedged high heel and ruby red lipstick on...oh not to mention she was wearing her mums jewels.

She smacked her gum and looked at me "Have you seen that wee lad ? He has spikey hair ? I think his name is nuke " She said with Her cavity filled mouth .

Her poor dentist.

I shook my head as she stomped her feet and walked away . I waited for a few minutes before calling him out . He crept up slowly looking both ways and dusted himself .

" Thank you !!! She wouldn't leave me alone " He informed me .

I just nodded at him while grabbing a handful of them . I expected him to go but he was still there looking at me . His face wasn't red anymore, his had a pale , slightly hinted tan complexion to his face . He had sucked in cheek and his glasses were well fitted.

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