Chapter 37

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Your POV

"Hey Light, Hey Misa" I greeted the two killers as I opened my apartment door.

"Hi" light side hugged me.

"Hello" Misa waved.

"So, are you guys ready? It's a surprise, so I want you to be blindfolded" I handed them two blindfolds.

It's the easiest way to prevent Misa and Light from seeing L and, supposedly, near. Also, it can help avoid Misa using her Shinigami eyes on L and N. It's ridiculous I know but it's the least suspicious way to do it that I can think of.

Misa happily agreed to wearing the blindfold, but as expected, Light was hesitant to do so. I managed to persuade him to wear it however.

"Come on! I will lead you to the car, watch your step!" I warned as I helped them into my car.

The car drive was silent, the number of cars in the road were decreasing slowly as we made our way to the Abandoned warehouse. I planned on getting there before L, obviously so then I could reset the cameras that I put up in the place. I'm hoping what I have in store for them will go to plan.

We finally reached the warehouse. It was still empty. Good.

"Misa, Light, please leave your bags in the car, we are only stopping here for a moment" I persuaded them, I know that they would most likely have their death-notes with them in their bags.

I could tell that once again, Light was hesitant, but let it happen. I led Misa and Light into the warehouse.

"(F/N), I'm getting suspicious, where are you taking us?" Light asked concerned.

"It's a surprise! Don't stress about it!" I said reassuringly.

"Light, I'm gonna keep you in here for a sec, be right back" I left light in a reasonably small room. There was a large, bullet proof window at the front I the room and beside it was an iron door. The room I also sound proof. There is no way of escaping that room without the key. And even if he did try something smart, I have small cameras dotted around the room. They were barely noticeable.

I put Misa in a room besides Light which was practically identical. I locked them in them rooms. I know that I must sound like a horrible person for doing this, but it's the safest thing I can do currently.

I went towards the back if the warehouse. I was going to stay in a room full of TV's that I had connected to the Cameras. On the TV where labels that matched the camera. I also had a microphone which was connected to the speakers, but there were labelled switches that had the names of the speakers, so I can control what noise comes out of the speaker.

I checked the time.


I checked the TV labeled 1A and I saw near and L entering the warehouse.

"Welcome L and N. I assure you that this is nothing dangerous, well, for you it isn't anyway. I have in fact invited you here to help you." I spoke into the microphone.

L and Near exchanged glances as they nodded.

"I also know that you brought backup, such as the task force" I said "they can come in, don't worry, they can actually help here" I added.

I saw L gesture some people inside. Such as Matsuda, Soichiro and the others.

"Now if you follow my instructions, I will explain something important when you stop at a certain area."

I directed them through the warehouse, there where in a big room, at the end of the room where the two small rooms that Light and Misa were held 'captive'. They could see them perfectly.

"Don't worry. I haven't hurt them. I want to explain something and possible, If you believe my theory Which is obviously correct, arrest them."

I saw Soichiro look hurt and determined as he saw Light sat in the room with a blindfold on.

"I am 100% positive that Light Yagami and Misa Amane are the two Kira's. First, let's discuss Light.

I found him with a book called the death note, it is a book which usually a Shinigami carries around. As Shinigami are also known as: 'god of death' it makes sense for them to be able to have a book that can kill from their universe. The Shinigami must've either dropped this notebook, or gave it to Light, which the Shinigami most likely dropped it, which would mean Light coincidently found it.

Also, The times that Kira has been killing have been before/after school times. Which suggests that Kira is a student. However, when your task force stopped showing information and began keeping it private, Kira still managed to get this information, how is obvious, he has access to the police files, which makes sense that light got the access because his father Soichiro Yagami is chief police man.

Any questions? I think I have explained enough already" I stopped for an answer.

"My son is not a murderer!" Chief shouted.

"But he is. I have Light's Death note and it has matched to his handwriting too. That's another reason why he is Kira" I added.

Soichiro paused and stared at the floor.

"Okay, next is Misa Amane.

Misa is the second Kira. And admirer of the original. She began killing with her death note which was given to her for private reasons.

But what made Misa want to meet Light so badly? Well, in a way, he avenged Misa's parents. A criminal that had killed misa's parents died by the hands if Kira. Misa respected that and decided to work beside Kira, believing that what he was doing was good. I also have her death note. She also has a thing that the original X may have told you about. Misa Amane has the Shinigami eyes, which caused Misa to spot out Light from the crowd, this is because you cannot see the lifespan of another death-note user. I think I've finished, any more questions?" I paused once again with a smirk on my face.

"Will you agree with my decision and arrest Misa and Light?" I questioned.

Everyone nodded accept for Chief Yagami.

"Then it is settled, I will unlock their doors now and I will grant you my permission to arrest them, or sentence them to death" I smirked and grabbed my hoodie. I pulled it over my body and put the hood up, covering my face. Also to muffle out my voice if I did have to speak, I had a black mask covering my nose and down (sorta like a surgery mask).

I walked cautiously to the main room. I can't face L yet. Not until this is over. As usually I had my odd stash of defensive weapons in my pockets, sleeves, boots. But I also had two keys.

As I walked I to the room everyone turned to face me. If I speak they might recognise my voice. If they see my face they will defiantly know who I am.

"I will open Misa's door first, I suggest that you already have cuffs so I will let you sort that out" I said, the mask muffled my voice, reducing the chances of them knowing who I am.

Some of the task force put handcuffs on Misa and they took her away.

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