November 2, 2015 - #JustWriteIt #SuperCharged

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Usually when the start of the month rolls around, we challenge you to write a story of 10,000 words. This month, though, we're turning things up to eleven.

Are you ready for this? Here it goes: For November's #JustWriteIt, we want you to write a story that's 50,000* words (*NOT A TYPO).

We know what you're thinking and yes, this will definitely require some next level dedication. But we also know you can totally do this. And if you can do this? You can do anything* (*ALMOST).

Just make sure to tag your epically long story with #JustWriteIt and #SuperCharged so readers can find it.Already doing a novel-writing challenge this month? Use this for inspiration.

Ready to take the pledge? Yeah, you are! Sign up here.

Take a deep breath, assume typing position, and write like you've never written before

Good luck!

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