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* Steam Warning *

Hades saw it in her eyes. Lexi trusted him, and for this he wanted to kiss her. His reputation had been twisted and exaggerated by mortals, as well as a few mean-spirited gods. None of his fellows knew the real weight of his task, or they would revere him. Persephone knew the truth, as did his offspring and devoted palace nymphs, but his lot was to live eternity as the god of the dead, with all the stigma the title had earned.

"Should we escape this wind?" he said, gesturing Lexi through the balcony doors. "Even a god is not immune to the harsh effects of Gaia."

Lexi allowed Hades to escort her inside, and as they approached her bed, she stopped and began nibbling on her lip.

"What is it, Lexi? Is something wrong?" Hades pulled her close, enveloping her in his warmth. She smelled like a spring garden, and he inhaled her heady fragrance as she slipped her arms around his neck. A moment later, she was kissing him, a deep, passionate kiss, sending his senses reeling. Maybe he'd misread her.

"Hades." Lexi's breath wafted over his lips as she pulled away to speak. "I... I'm ready. I wanted you to know that. It's just..." She paused and glanced at the door. "I want everything to be perfect, and I'm afraid we'll be interrupted."

Lexi's tentative passion made Hades want her even more, and he rode the wave of arousal as he responded. "You have the reins, Lexi. And I am your humble servant. If you want perfection, that is what you will get." He peppered a trail of kisses to her throat, nibbling her skin and sucking her earlobe into his mouth as he continued his discourse. "And when that time comes, I will taste my way down... From your lemon verbena soaked neck to the sweetness between your thighs."

A lusty breath rushed from Lexi's throat, and her fingers floated across his arm to where it rested on her hip. She hiked up her dress and guided his hand between her legs. A fever burned there, and he felt her quiver when he ran a finger inside the seam of her panties. He hardened at her slick arousal, luring him in, and he circled the supple flesh of her womanhood before dipping within her walls.

Lexi's body contracted around him, and his erection strained against his pants, demanding to be freed, but that would have to wait until Lexi was truly ready. In the meantime, he would satisfy their cravings another way.

"Remember, you have the reins," he whispered. "Pull on them if I go too fast."

Hades sunk to his knees, holding her dress above her hips and gently pressing his lips to her inner thigh. The acute awareness that the treasure he sought lay inches away drove him nearly mad with desire, but he maintained restraint, advancing slowly, respectfully, until he reached her soft mound. He pressed his mouth to it, breathing out warmth then breathing her in.

Lexi's moan spurred him on, and he used a single finger to drag the crotch of her panties aside, revealing a triangle of hair. The scent of her essence seduced him further, like an aphrodisiac, and it took all his willpower not to dive right in. Instead, he glanced up at Lexi, reading her face for clues that she was ready. With her eyes half-hidden beneath heavy lids, she offered her answer with an imperceptible nod.

Still suppressing the ache in his loins, Hades inched her panties downward, caressing her skin with the silky fabric. At her ankles, she stepped out of them, and he prodded her legs apart - those long, lovely legs. Then he sunk lower until his lips met with her tender folds. Lexi's breath caught as Hades swept his tongue across her soaked flesh, and he was overtaken by a sublime shudder that rocked him to his core. Her taste was that of a flower, and he indulged in her honied nectar, letting it coat his lips.

"Oh, gods. That's so... Oh, gods." Lexi held his head between both hands as she offered him her purity, and he stifled a smile as she voiced her pleasure. Her response was exactly as he'd predicted, and she continued to whisper her earnest mantra as she ground against his mouth, feeding his need with every gasp that left her throat.

Hades felt her closeness in the way her legs trembled against his cheeks, and he surfed the wave of his own arousal as she submitted to his hunger, letting him devour her in the most carnal way. Within moments, she succumbed to a brilliant tremor that had her grasping his hair between savage fingers. On the end of a deep groan, Lexi's sex convulsed around his tongue, and Hades drank her in as she flooded his mouth.

When he knew she had found her bliss and had begun her descent, he rose off the floor, took her into his arms, and lowered her onto the bed. As a sign of his submission, Hades folded himself around her back in a tight embrace, letting her feel his manhood throb against her buttocks. While his body still ached to have a say, the taste of Lexi on his tongue was reward enough. She still had the reins.

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