Hi, guys!
So, yes, as you may have noticed, this is another one of those student/teacher, forbidden relationship stories. I've always wanted to write one for some reason. However, if you know anything about me, you should know that that's not all! Oh yes, there are going to be a hell of a lot of twists.  So, get ready, and please give it a chance. I promise not to disappoint! ;)




Chapter 1

          My ragged breathing matched in sync with the erratic beats of my heart, staccato in my chest. With every colliding stab of my foot with the concrete sidewalk, with every scream of protest behind my trail, the faster I ran. As the sirens wailed, resonating off the brick walls, it gave me a rush of adrenaline, pumping fast through my veins, making me feel that familiar high I always felt after committing a crime.

          Turning a sharp corner, I barreled into the nearest alley way, attempting to blend in with the shadows cast of the night. Spreading my arms out beside me, I knocked over aluminum trash cans as I bolted down the narrow space. Hearing the cans crash to the grimy pathway forced me to let out a stifled laugh.

          Have fun getting through those obstacles.

Soon, I was laughing manically, whether it be from the mere excitement of the situation or the continuous torment I was causing, it didn’t matter to me.

          I only knew one thing, one thing for sure. I was not about to let myself get caught again, and that was certain. Which meant, I would stop at nothing to escape my inevitable fate. After pulling the hood of my jacket back over my head, I grasped the intricately woven metal wires of the fence at the end of the alley and began to climb. Hooking the tips of my shoes into the diamond openings, I hoisted myself up, ascending like a professional rock climber.

          In truth, I had done this too many times. Absconding down the dark alleys of the city, scaling fences, running. Sprinting. Escaping from the police.

          I hopped from the top of the fence with remarkable ease, dropping to my feet with grace. I was about to start up my fleeing once again, until a grading slam sounded behind me. Expecting this, I whirled around on the heels of my feet, too cocky for their liking. Coming face to face with the cop who was chasing me, I smiled. His hands clawed at the rusty fence as I descended backwards, the sight caught me as uproariously humorous, and I was sent into another flurry of laughter. He appeared like a caged animal, as I taunted him on the other side of the fence.

          The elder police officer began to climb the fence, but I just pursed my lips in amusement. “What did you want? You want this?” A slight purr escaped my lips. Holding up the item I had stolen from a local shop, I revealed a tiny diamond necklace loosely held between my index finger and thumb. Twirling it around, I taunted, “Well, you’re never going to get it.” Shoving the expensive item back into my pocket, I wheeled back around on my feet, and took off like a shot in the opposite direction.

          His feeble curses bounced off the walls, and I chuckled under my breath. “Young lady, stop this, you’re going to jail!” Were the last words I could comprehend clearly before turning another corner, disappearing from his line of sight.

          Colors, colors of blue and red, colors I have been really accustomed to, illuminated the vacant streets, making my heart thrum. It was the only noise I heard, along with the screaming sirens of the patrol cars as my pursuit continued.

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