I woke up to the sun rays falling on me and rubbed my eyes.

Damn, school.

I noisily stretched out my arms and yawned, glancing over to the clock as I did so. It was still pretty early but I liked arriving earlier than the others, even if I was one of the many students who hated school.

I figured I had enough time to get ready and got out of bed. I drsgged myself to the bathroom, getting a brief shock at my reflection on the mirror.

You look like a chimpanzee, why the sudden shock, Choi Mina?

I did the necessary and shed fake tears as I made my bed, before reluctantly going down to make breakfast.

It was quiet in the house like it had always been, and I didn't really care for it anymore. I wolfed down the bread toast I made and drank a glass of milk.

My father died a couple of years ago because of cancer, and we had found out only at his last stage. We were too late. And my mom? She left us before my father died. 'Abandoned' me, more like. She came home with another man in her arms and just left.

Ah, no use crying over spoilt milk.

I had dressed myself already so I grabbed my backpack and phone and made my way out the door, locking it, and followed the path to school.

It was just a 10 minute walk from where I lived so I didn't really have to hurry, considering the fact that I was also pretty early.

"I wonder if Taehyung will come today,"I subconsciously mumbled and hit myself immediately afterwards, realising I had no business with him whatsoever.

I reached the school and dreadfully went in, glad that not many people were there yet. Most of them were freshmen, thank God for being in senior year.

I unlocked my locker and kept some books, also keeping some in.

I didn't get enough sleep last night because I was trying to finish a season of Grey's Anatomy, don't judge.

"Mina!"Yerim jumped on me and I flinched. I gave her a small smile and locked my locker.

"You've reached?"I asked with a sigh, not in the mood to talk to anyone. "A while ago,"she replied cheerfully, looking like she had something to tell me.

Though she was my best friend and I never got tired of listening to her stories, I was just too tired today.

"I'm going, bye,"I waved her off and made my way to the classroom.

There were around three to four students, the class president and a few who either had troubles at home or were model students.

I kept my bag beside my desk and took in a deep breath. I really need a break from life.

Not wanting to deal with life or anything related to life, I rested my head on the desk and dozed off, hoping to get enough sleep to last the day.

I was awakened by the first bell ringing in my ears. I looked around and saw that the classroom was filled with students now. Why do people have to be so goddamn noisy?

Our homeroom teacher came in and we greeted him. He was in his early 30's and he was the type to just quickly go over things and expect us to remember them all.

He took our attendance, informed us of some things hurriedly and then the first bell rang.

Mr. Han, our Maths teacher came in with his infamous smirk that either meant a quiz or a surprise test and we greeted him, all internally groaning and praying to the heavens.

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