♛ Chapter Four : Incident

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♛ Chapter Four : Incident ( preceded by choice ♛ , go directly to Chapter Five )

Such a lively place . .

After a few more rides that weren't focused on speeding, undulating and doing flips ( and with the clean paper bag drifting around a random spot ) , _____ and Kurotane Piko were back on a bench again. And the two were bantering, each eager to update the other about the recent activities in their lives.

"So you know, she had a crush on that guy, and it was like he didn't care! He should've just rejected her or accepted her, the saying 'silence is golden' isn't meant as a reply to a confession!"

"So you're saying that you had something to say during that time? So if you were him . ."

"I'd just reject or accept."

"Easier said than done. And the way you replied to that guy earlier was nothing but 'just'.

"That a special occasion!"

"To promote my name?"

"I wish it was, but nah."

The crowd paid not the slightest bit of attention to the cheerful duo talking to each other, lost in their own little world. Their exhilaration enabled topics to flow between them smoothly, successfully catching up with each other's lives, bounding and leaping over awkward tension towards sky high boundaries.

And showing no signs of retiring. Free of Piko's clingy fan base, he was finally having time to spend with the one person whom he sincerely cared for. And he planned to make the most of it before he was dragged off again. When the laughter and excitement died down, _______ had settled for observing her surroundings, a glimmer of hope in her heart wishing for them to remain like this before reality dragged them off again.

"Princess, I'm happy we could talk together like this."

"Yeah, me too."

"Don't you feel tired after walking for so long and putting your body through strenuous exercise?"

"Like what?"

"Like . . Taking care of me?"

A misstep, again! Why was he worrying about that when she had clearly told him not to? And again, he was lucky to not be found out that he forgot.

"So taking care of someone is a burden now, you think? Nah, worrying and taking care of an important person doesn't make it tiring. We're both happy that you're fine now."

"Oh, uh, okay, thanks for earlier."

"And since when does a recyclable bag weigh tonnes? So it's sincerely no biggie. Oh wait. You stuttered!"

Deciding to ease Piko's conflict, ______ poked fun at his stuttering. He should laugh a bit and maybe shrug it off.

"Hey, what's so funny? There's a first time for everything!"

Piko muttered in a rather irritated tone. He wasn't planning to become a normal guy. _______ certainly was special, in a mundane way and in yet an extraordinary way. He wasn't going to vanish into the background if she ever found another friend to speak to.

Wait, she wouldn't make the first move if it came to most social activities. He was safe for now.

"So, anywhere you want to go? I don't have any more trips to make, before you ask me where I'd like to go."

And just like that, any problem that had surfaced was gone. How quick, he thought, for someone as observant as her to shrug off events as if they were part of everyday life. He remembered that she had a reason for being this way, but not the reason itself. She did notice things, she just didn't have an audience to listen.

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