4: Telling his family ( His POV)

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Me and Sarah were now getting ready to tell my family that she was pregnant. We had told her family earlier in the week, and they were so excited. We were currently in Mullingar at my dad's house. My mum and my step dad were here to! Sarah was currently in the kitchen with my mum and Denise, while i was in the backyard with my dad, step dad, Greg and Theo. I was talking to my dad and step dad who was cooking on the grill and Greg and Theo were playing football.

"So, son how are you and Sarah doing?" my dad asked while flipping burgers.

"We're good. She's busy with work, and som am i, but we're good" i replied with a smile.

"That's good" my dad smiled.

After a little while, Sarah ,my mum and Denise came outside with salds and other stuff for the food! My dad announced the food was ready, so everyone came and sat down. We talked amongst ourself and had a really good time, i looked at my wife and she gave me a look and i knew she wanted me to say something, but i was cut off by Theo screaming cause he had lost his hot dog on the ground. Haha, kids.

"So Sarah hows work going? Denise asked

"It's going really well, it's stressful but a lot of fun. Next month we're having a shoot with Beyoncé and she's gonna be on the cover, so there's a lot of work preparing for that" Sarah said sweetly.

" That sounds so exciting, will you get to meet her?" Denise asked again.

"Yeah, i will. I am always at every cover shoot since I'm the editor in chief" my wife said proudly.

I smiled at her, she was so happy. She always was, but since she had gotten pregnant she had this pregnancy glow about her, and i loved that. And she was so great with Theo, so i knew she would make a great mum!

"So, Sarah and i have some news" i said

Sarah smiles at me.

"What is this news?" Greg asked?

" I am pregnant" Sarah said.

And as if on que my mum and Denise squealed of joy and got up to hugg me and Sarah.

" This is wonderful news " my stepdad said.

" I'm so excited, another grandchild " my mum said excited with tears in her eyes. 

We all sat down again, and continued our dinner. I was so happy, my family was so happy for me and Sarah and that meant everything to us.  I looked at my wife as she was talking to my mum and Denise. I really love her, she is my whole world and our baby will be lucky to have her as a mum.
I am really looking forward to these 9 months. I can't wait to be a dad!

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