Short sex stories

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I am walking down the dark ally, I have just finished work. I am so tired! It has been a massive hard day. I hear footsteps, I turn my head. There is no one there. I keep on walking. This is my usual path where I walk every morning and every night. All of a sudden a man grabs me and pushes me up against the wall. He starts kissing me. I try to scream, but that was a bad move. He has put his tongue into my mouth and is licking my teeth. I am so scared. I feel something poking into me. OMG DOE HE HAVE A KNIFE? I look down. And realise he just has a ere*tion. I keep on kiking and try to push him away but he is too strong. He then rips off my top and start kissing my breasts. I start screaming. He puts some plastic ball thing in my mouth. I can't scream anymore. He then pulls my pants off and pushes me agains the cold concrete. He takes his pants off and I see him putting his pe*is near my va*ina. He is going to take away my virginity. I keep on kiking him, but it dosent do any good. He pushes his d*ick into me. I scream, it hurts! He dosent care. He just wants pleasure. He starts of at and easy pace, I am hurting alot. It feels like my body has been riped in half. He start thrusting harder and faster. He moans. I don't, I keep on kiking and screaming. After a while I am so tired I just lay there. I feel something hot inside me. Oh no! He has c*me inside
me! I wonder if he was wearing a condom! Hopefully. He pulls his pants up and wake away. I just lie there panting and shivering.

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