Chapter Sixteen» He Is Home

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" Yeah, because it's completely normal to have someone coming up and kissing you on the cheek" I groaned, hearing Isaac snicker and take a bite from the chocolate cupcake. Earning another set of glares.

" What are you even doing in Vancouver. Does Mum and Dad know you're not in Jasper? " I asked curiously staring at my younger brother. Seeing him roll his eyes and feast on the last crumbs of my chocolate cupcake.

I really wanted to eat that.

I thought bitterly, hearing him speak as he licked his fingers." Suff bought me here. Says he wanted to see you so, I tagged along" he grinned, wiggling his eyebrows earning a confused look from me.

" Suff? " I asked seeing my brother point outside of the window. Following his trail, sure enough there stood our cousin. Surrounded by a few girls as he grinned shamelessly, leaning on the Mercedes Benz.

" Does Armaan know, Sufiyan has his car? " My curious voice whispered, whilst sipping on the smoothie hearing Isaac snicker. Indicating a No.

" We're crashing at your place, one because we love you Naino and two because damn, everybody wants to see Omars bachelor pad. I can't belive you're married to him. The guys loaded" Isaac spoke, slurping his smoothie making a few bystanders at the cue, give him a disgusted look.

" Isaac drink properly. People are looking" I groaned whacking my younger brothers arm, making the giant of a person move all the whilst groaning.

Looking around, I could feel some of the people staring at us curiously making Isaac give me a sheepish look.

" Jeez Louise I'm sorry. Here be a darling and get me some more food I'm starving" He murmured handing me the menu, making me glare at the teenager seeing him roll his eyes dramatically.

" Fine, what do you want to eat? " He whispered defeated. Shaking my head I could see Sufiyan walking inside the cafeteria. Making a few heads turn towards him. Allowing the young man to grin like a fool.

As casual as ever, he grabbed a chair and sat beside me, giving me a cheesy  smile. Glancing to the side, I found my gaze landing on a handsome man, with the lightest shade of brown hair and dark brown eyes, making his tanned olive skin stand out against the black leather jacket.

" I missed you Naina" he said softly, giving me a smile causing me to chuckle and shake my head. Seeing the man reach towards my smoothie and drink from it.

" You just - Isaac, Sufiyan. What on earth. You can't have my food, you're so mean" I murmured hearing them laugh loudly and order another smoothie with a chocolate muffin.

We all fell in to a comfortable conversation as Isaac dished out all the details from the wedding, making Sufiyan groan and wish he was there.

Inhaling sharply, I thanked the good lord Sufiyan wasn't there. He didn't need to see the drama that occurred. Nonetheless, as the conversation continued I could feel my phone ringing. Making me reach towards my bag.

" Naina, Suhaib- my cousin said he's going to pick us up. Where are You? "
Hussaina slightly worried voice came from the other end, making me tense. My gaze landing on both Sufiyan and Isaac, glancing at me worriedly.

" I'm with Isaac, he came from Jasper and is coming over. I'll see you at home, it's okay they'll drop me off" I replied, hearing the woman inhale sharply before agreeing to the sudden arrangements.

Something was off.

I thought glancing at my cousin before looking at my brother, who had a large cookie stuffed in his mouth. Shaking my head, I stood up from there, seeing their gaze trail on me.

" Come on we need to go home. I'm getting late and Oma- I'm getting late" I murmured choosing to not mention the fact that Omar was coming home, after a full month away.

Nodding their heads, Sufiyan was the first one to stand up and walk out of the small Café, followed by a grumbling Isaac.

It didn't take long for us to be seated inside the mesmerising car. Sufiyan who may come across as a messy person, did justice to Armaan's car, making sure it wasn't dirty. As he started the engines, offering a small prayer.

An uncomfortable feeling gripped against me. Clenching against my heart as the car drove through the sea of trees, nearing the large villa.

I had always dreamt of living in a large house; beside the nature yet here I was, feeling miserable. I should feel content, I should be happy that my dream came true, yet I wasn't.

The car slowly came to a stop as Sufiyan hopped out of it, walking towards the front  patio and standing beside the double doors. Isaac was the second one to get out and I soon followed them.

Inhaling a shaky breath, my legs moved on it's own accord hearing Isaac knock on the door furiously. Looking around the front of the house, I could see hundreds of trees surround us. The large gates around the house doing no justice in hiding them.

Beyond the trees were large hills. Standing proudly, allowing the cool winter breeze to whisk by us. All around me, the mesmerising colour of green filled my gaze, making a lone smile plaster my features.

Canada truly was beautiful.

" Hello, come on in" Mariam soft voice came from the front door, making me turn around and glance at the elderly woman. Isaac was the first one to step inside followed by Sufiyan and yet again I was the last one to follow.

The beauty and elegance of this house never ceased to amaze me. Unlike the house in Qatar, this was very different. Without a doubt it was spacious beyond imagination, yet there was something in the other house that wasn't here in this house.

Maybe that something could be Omar

A voice whispered in my head. Tensing, I shook the thought away and glanced around the large house. My Awe matching those of Sufiyan and Isaac.

The first thing that comes to one's vision when they step inside the house; is the large black spiral staircase going upstairs. On my right remained a long polished hall leading to three separate rooms, each one having wall length windows in between, separating them. On the left side was the living room next to the kitchen, where I remained most of the time.

" Holy sheets, this place is gorgeous" Isaac muttered looking at the large chandelier above us. His face completely in Awe, unable to mask his reaction. Chuckling slightly, I reached towards my brother. Pinching his cheek, seeing the teenager wince, moving away from me. An annoyed look on his face.

" Jeez Naina get off me, what am I, a baby? " He groaned whacking my hand with his larger one, causing me to grin and give the boy a side hug.

" I'm sorry Isaac. Happy?" I chuckled seeing a smile tug at my brothers lips, daring to emerge. " Alright where's my hug?" Sufiyan stressed, crushing us in a bear hug, despite our constant groaning and pleading to get off.

The man weighed like an ox, even if he was as thin as a stick. Trying to push them away, I looked up at Mariam with pleading eyes, seeing the elderly woman shake her head and laugh.

The once laughter and smiles, that lighted the house, washed away with just a simple sentence, from a voice that had my insides turning.

"What's going on here? " A dark voice spoke, as I stilled in my place, feeling my heart beating wildly. Cold shivers ran down my spine as I slowly turned  around.

My eyes widening looking at Omar, standing infront of me dressed in a black suit. His matching  eyes now dark glaring at me.

"Oh Omar, we were just messing around" Sufiyan started ruffling Isaac's hair playfully; who in return elbowed him shoving him away, making the man groan loudly.

Looking away from them, his gaze travelled towards mine, as I side stepped from my cousin and brother. Trying to catch some air from the squeezing hug I received.

"Would you leave us for a second. I need to have a word with my wife" He  seethed glaring at me, making me stiffen my insides turning.

Oh No.

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