Chapter Sixteen» He Is Home

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"I'm coming home tell Mariam to get everything ready " Was all he said as the line went dead.

I could feel my heart picken it's pace, as I stared emotionless holding the phone. He was coming. He was coming after all this time. After being away for a month since our marriage, he's finally coming home and that was all he could say.

" Naina who was on the phone?" came Husaina questioning voice. Inhaling sharply I turned around and looked at her dazed, unable to comprehend what was happening.

" Omar is coming home" I spoke loud enough for her to hear as silence fell upon the room, making Husaina stand up, her elegant figure walking  towards me. A secret smile filling her features.

" Its time to shine biatches"


Hussaina had said, to get rid of one's anxiety and fear. The best solution is to go outside and shop.

The utter mortification I shielded myself against had the woman giving me a pointed look. According to Hussaina, I wasn't  adventurous enough, though I hardly believed going outside and shopping is adventurous, nonetheless I joined her small adventure.

As I found myself walking from one shop to another, hearing Hussaina complain about the weather. How is it, that such a beautiful innocent looking woman, with a sweetheart shaped face, could have the world biggest mouth.

"Aina, I want to go home. I don't feel like shopping" I whispered to the woman beside me, who remained engrossed in picking out the perfect shade of white. As far as I was concerned there was one kind of white, but Hussaina being the perfectionist she was, demanded to see the different types.

" For god sake Hussaina, it's only pyjamas. Nobody is going to see what shade of white you chose" I murmured hearing the woman scoff and place the pyjamas back. Her large hazel eyes staring at me in annoyance.

" Naina, I'm trying man. Give me a break, look if you're tired I'll get the driver to pick us up? How's that " She asked sweetly making me roll my eyes and nod, not having the energy to argue. After telling Hussaina I'm going to grab a drink.

I found myself walking inside the small cafeteria. The fresh smell of coffee drifting through my nose.

The calming atmosphere, had me relaxing. My breathing now more calm; and the anticipation for the arrival of the man, I called my husband, pushed at the back of my mind.

" Hello, what can I get for you? " A soft chirpy voice came from the counter; making me glance upwards at the waitress. Seeing her give me a bright smile.

" Hello, can I have two smoothies and a chocolate cup-" I started seeing the beautiful brunette look at me, before her eyed widened. Staring at her in confusion I felt someone standing behind me. Tensing lightly, I slowly turned around just to have someone  place a kiss against my cheek making me gasp. Pushing the stranger away.

" Jeez Naina it's me. Calm your hooves" A familiar voice spoke, yet I couldn't understand what was happening. The slamming of my heart numbed my ears, making me glance upwards. Seeing Isaac stand before me, a huge grin on his face.

" Isaac you prıck" I seethed, slapping my brothers arms hearing him groan. As he rolled his eyes, glaring at me.

"Ma'am is everything okay? Is this man bothering you?" The woman behind the counter asked, making me inhale sharply glaring at my younger brother, before looking at the woman.

" No its okay. He's my brother " I murmured, handing the woman her woman before picking the two smoothies and the chocolate cupcake.

" Naina I'm sorry. I didnt mean to scare you" He spoke beside me, as I found myself sitting at an empty table, with a few people staring at us.

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