Chapter Sixteen» He Is Home

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Glancing around the large front room; I found my gaze landing on the wall length windows. Overlooking the sea of trees. All dancing to a hushed Lullaby. Allowing the tunes of fate, to guide them.

The silver grey decor of the room; allowed the grey clouds above to blend in. Matching the beating of my heart. The large chandelier, that hung above illuminating with light. Had now dispersed, as I stared at the woman beside me. Feeling loss for words. Unable to comprehend anything.

" She's pretty I bet" I whispered softly, seeing Hussaina beside me inhale a sharp breath. Shifting on her seat, the warm of her hand travelled towards my cold ones. Holding it tightly in reassurance.

" You're prettier Naino" She grinned lightly, using Hana's nickname for me. Making a broken smile grace my features. Missing the woman dearly.

A sudden thought ran through me; causing  me look up at the woman. Hearing myself speak.

"Who is Sarah then?" I spoke cautiously seeing Hussaina look at me; as though I've grown two heads. Shaking her own head, the woman stared exasperated muttering something incoherent in Arabic, whilst rubbing her temples.

"Naina I just told you.." She started off, annoyed making me cut her words abruptly. Seeing her eyebrows furrow in annoyance. " I mean what is she?" I whispered seeing her  shoulders shrug. Her words nonchalant.

" Her dad is Arab and her Mum a pathan" she said, her voice soft and a far away look on her features. As though, she too couldn't belive what was happening.

" Naina how do you know about Sarah? Did Omar tell you? " She asked cautiously, making me inhale a sharp breath and bite in my lower lip in nervouseness. Shaking my head, I looked away. Avoiding her gaze finding myself speak.

" H-He whispered her name, the other night and she rang when he left. Asking when he's going to arrive at their house" I chocked out, finding my voice faltering. Unable to make the words out, feeling Hussaina hold on to my hand tightly. Whispering something under her breath.

" That shameless man, if Dada or Abba found out. They would have his head" she seethed, anger lacing in her each word.

A heavy silence fell on us again. Both of us lost in our thoughts, swimming in our fears. The only sound of life was the soft breathing, confirming there was a soul in me. Even if I felt it had escaped away, washing against the winds of misery.

The ringing of the house phone had me snapping out of my gaze. Looking around, I could see, Mariam had brought a trolley inside filled with food and snacks for Hussaina, who too was lost in her thoughts. Her beautiful face swimming with grief.

" I really did think they broke up. I-I don't even know.. Naina I'm so sorry I should have said something but I didn't know if they were still together. That day everything happened so fast-" She started making me smile and shake my head. Feeling my heart drop.

" Aina, it's okay it wasn't your fault. No one knew, Omar should have said something but-" I spoke remembering the look on his face. The masked shock in his eyes, whilst his father took him outside. Convincing him to accept this marriage.

Giving me a weak smile, I found myself standing up and walking towards the buzzing phone. That now rang continously.

"Hello"  I spoke, picking the phone up bringing it towards my ear as silence came from the other end, making me tense.

" Hello. Who is this? " I asked again, hearing silence echo from the other end. Frustrated, I found my hands pulling the phone away from my ear;  just before I could put it down a deep voice spoke, making my body still

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