Chapter Sixteen» He Is Home

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A deafening silence fell upon us. A haunting silence; drowning against my fears. Making me weak. Leaving me vulnerable and exposed. It was as though someone had smashed a boulder on me. Knocking  all the breath within.

Looking up, I stared speechless at Hussaina. Her words ringing loudly in my ears. Again and again. As though it was a cursed lullaby. Commanded to ring again and again in my ears; like a mantra.

I felt like reality had been slapped across my face. Knocking all sense away from me. Inhaling sharply, my back hit against the leather sofa. My mind running with hundreds of thoughts. Helplessness consuming me.

Everything in that moment; I knew came crashing down, right before my eyes. Everything precious that I held on to, was smashed; as the tiny little pieces that once supported it, fell on to the floor as well.


All was disappearing in to an oblivion. Washing away against the winds. Remaining nothing but a howl. It's sorrowful cries echoing all around.

The beating of my heart numbed my ears. As the tall beautiful woman before me stared brokenly. Her large  eyes swarming with regret.

Closing mine tightly. I found my hands covering my face. Unable to face the reality before me. Wanting to run somewhere far away from here. I didn't sign up for this.

I couldn't deny that Omar had every right to marry. But why didn't he say anything. Why did he hide that fact? Why didn't he just tell us that day?

The day we got married.

Everything would have been more simple. Nothing would have led to this. I wouldn't be married to a man, who already has a wife.

" Naina I -" Hussaina started. Her voice echoing across my ears making a chill run down my spine; finding myself raising my hand up slowly.  Not having the energy in me to talk or listen; hearing her sigh sorrowful before rubbing her temples.

" Well the thing is- they're not exactly married.. Yet" Hussaina whispered slowly; causing my heart to start beating frantically. As if it was about to jump out of  my chest. Making my throat dry.

Raising my head towards her. I glanced at her curiously, as she started. Her large eyes sincere. Guilt swarming in them. Yet, no matter how guilty she felt. Nothing could be changed.

" Omar has been with Sarah for a very long time until Dad found out. He suggested that the families all come and meet so they can arrange the wedding dates. Something happened that day and all of a sudden,

Dad said no to Omar and told him he doesn't approve. Harsh, I know, but honestly I didn't know what happened, and well since then, it's all been a quiet thing but Omar is still with her and I'm guessing well, they will marry someday" She spoke taking a deep breath.

Glancing upwards, I tried allowing her words to sink, before dawning upon me. Dancing before my eyes.

A long silence fell upon the room. As I now, took a deep breath trying to relax my beating heart. Trying to comprehend what was happening.

Omar wasn't married. Well not yet.

Even though he wasn't married to her, Sarah. It made no difference as they were together. They loved each other, and I merely came in between them. A harsh voice muttered at the back of my mind. Mocking me.

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