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It was Theology class and you were seated at the back of the class with Jinhwan.

"Curse this class. Why did Sir Russel changed my seat sitting next to you." You mocked to yourself, getting a notebook from your bag.

"Yeah right. I'm sitting next to an ugly nerdy girl like you." You gave a death glare at Jinhwan. He also glanced at you and rolled his eyes.

"Gay." You murmured, but luckily Jinhwan didn' heard it.

* Bell rings *

You immediately grabbed your bag walking fastly towards the door. When almost everyone is out and you are already beside the door, someone dragged you that made you lean on the wall.

You closed your eyes in shocked. You can sense that someone is breathing in front of you.

"Why do you hate me that much huh?" Oh, I know that voice. You thought. You opened your eyes and clenched your fists.

"Huh, are you playing dumb? It is because you spilled my juice at my uniform at the canteen last week! Do you think I'll just forget about that!" He started laughing with his hands on his abdomen. Your jaws also clenched in anger.

"Shut up!" You shouted but Jinhwan kept laughing. In anger, you kicked his weak spot. You smirked and said,

"That's for you dweeb." You walked past to him while bumping your bag to his chest.

You are now walking at the corridor smiling without reason. Then, you saw your bestfriend walking towards you.

"Why are you laughing? Are you insane?" She asked.

"Haha yeah I guess." You covered your mouth.

"Geez, did something happened again with the two of you?" The two of you stared at each other.

"I know what you're thinking ______. What I mean is---"

"Haha I'm not thingking anything! You pervert. I just kicked his weak spot cause he's getting too far in teasing me. I hate him so much." You crossed your arms and rolled your eyes.

"Remember the quote?" She asked to you.

"What quote?"

"The more you hate, the more you love. Don't tell me---" You covered your friends mouth.

"I'm hungry already come on let's eat." You pulled her going to the canteen.


"Uh oh." Your bestfriend said.

"Why?" You asked her with some noodles on your mouth. Your friend pouts her mouth like pointing at someone at your back. You looked behind while chewing noodles.

"Don't make any mess right now please. Because last time, it really was a chaos." She told you. Jinhwan glanced at your spot. The both you stared like a mortal enemy.

"If I can just pricked him with my fork... I'll do it." Your friend laughed a bit.

"Do you hate him that much? So brutal."

"Not just much. Much much much much!"

"I hate you so much too. Maybe you'e just in love me." Jinhwan murmured while passing by at their table with... with a wink!

You just froze for a while.

"I hate him with all my soul. I'm not kidding." You said to yourself and deeply sighed.


"Bye ______ see ya tomorrow!" You waved at her bidding goodbye.

You were about to turn the hallway when someone pulled you at the music hall and covered your mouth. You really want to scream but you can't cause of the unknown person covering your mouth. The only light at the music hall is the one at the stage so it is kinda dark.

"Mmmmp!" You screamed then the unknown person released its hand.

"WHO ARE YO!---" Your blood overflowed in your body again because of who you saw.

"YOU!" You shouted.

"Yes me. Jinhwan." He freshly said and inserted his hands on his pocket. You ran to the door and tried opening it but it won't.

"WHY DID YOU BROUGHT ME HERE!" You shouted at him again.

"I just want to clear something between the two of us." Jinhwan said seriously.

"But first, sit beside me." You sighed first before sitting beside him. The two of you were just the only students at the music hall. So if you will scream, it will echo.

"Say what you wanna tell so that I can go home now and stay away from you." You are looking at the piano and not at Jinhwan.

"I don't want my image in this university to be broken. I'm the vice president of the student's council. That's why I'm saying this to you. And I'm sorry for everything I did okay? I didn't really meant spilling the juice on you. It was an accident. I apologize if I treated you so bad." His cold voice was like touching your soul. It was vivid.

"Oh my. I'm sorry too. Sorry." Then you looked at him, eye to eye.

"It's okay. Atleast I cleared this thing out." He smiled. His eyes were getting small when he smiles. You just felt awkward and at the same time happy. You realized that he is handsome when he smile.

"Sorry again and I accept your apology. I'll go now." You stood up and went to the door.

"Can we go home together? Don't you know that my house is just two blocks from yours?" Your eyes widened in surprise.

"Really? Cool. Okaaaay..." You smiled. You someshat felt some butterflies but you just ignore it.


"So, we're here. And that's your house right?" He pointed at your house. You were amazed.

"Wait, how did you know I lived in there?"

"My friend told me. Cause he saw you going in there." You just nodded.

"Uhm, see you tomorrow?" He looked at you. Not just a simple look but something with meaning. Please don't look at me like that, you're too handsome. You thought.

"Y-yeah. Bye." You walked so fast away from away. You can't look at him and you can't stay too long with him.

As you go farther, you heard some footsteps and in shocked, someone pulled your wrist from behind.

You unexpectedly hugged someone because of the force.

"I think I feel something weird to you... ugly nerdy girl." Instead of getting mad at him cause he called you ugly nerdy girl, you just got trembled and hugged him back without regrets.


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