Roman POV

"So we hear you have some girl living with you?" Axel asks with a smirk.

I shrug taking a sip of my beer "She's five months pregnant by me." I state.

All the guys literally stop what they're doing just to look at me.

"She's pregnant? With your baby? Are you sure it's yours?" Ace asked with an arched brow.

"Yep, she was virgin before we had sex."

"Never thought I see the day that you that you bone a virgin let alone get her pregnant." Hunter says in disbelief

"Who is the girl?" Slade asks.

"It's Polly."

"I knew that girl was a virgin when I first saw her." Storm states.

"Yep." I replied

"Wait? Did you just say they're?" Gunner asks me.

"Twins." I sigh with a smirk forming on my face.

"Damn. Congrats man." Our prez Axel slaps me on the shoulder.

"So were you two not together when you were fucking everything in sight?" Hunter asks.

"Yeah. I was an ass when she told me she was pregnant. I basically blamed her and abandoned her for five months while I did what the fuck I wanted to do." I huffed hating myself, wishing I can go back in time and changed the way I treated her.

"No wonder you were acting like you were on your period." Ryker remarks causing everyone to laugh while I shoot daggers at him.

Polly POV

"Hey girls." I smile at my sisters as I join them at this cute little café.

"Hey girly, so how are things?" Molly asks.

"Well I got back together with Roman and we're trying to work things out especially for the baby now." I smile at them.

"Really? Did he come to you?" Holly asks.

"Yeah. Said he regretted what he did and how he handled things with me and wants to make it work." I shrug.

"So you just forgave him because of a lousy apology?" Molly sneers.

"I love him and it didn't stop and his apology was more than sincere and he's showing me results rather than just saying shit." I snapped wondering what in the hell is wrong her.

"So you didn't make him grovel or anything? Especially considering all the women he's been with since you guys been apart?"

I winced because that hurt and I tried not to think about it and just put it in the past where it belongs. "I'm trying to move forward with my life. What the hell is your problem? I thought you would be happy for me." I asked frowning.

She doesn't responds just looking down at her coffee biting her lip nervously.

"Molly, what's wrong?" Holly asks.

"Roman and I slept together." She says causing my heart to nearly pop out my chest at her confession.


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