Chapter 28: The Engagement

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Darry quickly opened and closed the door then opened it again to apologize,  “Oh, sorry.  Just keep doing what you were doing and I was never here.”  He closed the door and we both started cracking up.  Darry opened the door for the last time and added, “Be careful, though.  Continue, but be careful.”  He mumbled as he closed the door finally, “I need to get out more.”

Seven o’clock rolled around, Soda had already gone to work and I was still in bed.  It felt like a Saturday morning, so I rolled over when the alarm clock went off.  Soda had to get out and go to work, so after he got out of the shower he tip toed into the room trying not to wake me and kissed me goodbye.  Like usual, I’m pretty lazy, so I went back to sleep then at nine o’clock I got up.  The only problem was that I didn’t know it was nine and I was late.  You know the feeling when your alarm goes off for school, but you’re still tired and fall back asleep then you wake up and you have five minutes until the bus comes.  Nothing like a heart attack to start off the day.  Yeah, that was what it felt like; anyway, I rushed out the room in naked, but wrapped in a blanket from the bed.  I was missing all my work clothes.  It was bad enough I was late, but I had to walk into the living room with Two-Bit sitting there on the couch. 

“You got a bra on underneath that?” He said tilting his head up.  I gave him that ‘You’re so immature’ and he added, “I’m kidding!  I was wondering what took you so long.  What’s the rush?” 

“Where is my work shirt?  I’m about to miss my shift then I have to go over to my house.  Where are my shoes?”  I said running around the house, weaving in and out of rooms in search for my clothes.

Two-Bit took a swig of an open beer nearby, “I thought you were done with your family?”

“I am, but you heard what happened with my parents right?” I continued because I remember telling him, “Yeah, well my mom is making me go do their laundry, make their dinner, clean the damn house while she’s at work.”

“Why are you doing this?  You’re an adult now and you legally cannot take crap from her.” Two-Bit said.

“Yeah well, she’s been drinking more and I don’t want to be on her bad side.  Remember what happened last time she started drinking?”  Two years ago, my mother started drinking heavily and one night she got mad and whacked me across my eye and gave me a black eye. 

“Well when you get back, we got a Christmas tree and the gang’s putting it up tonight.” I was finally dressed and walking out the door.  He kept shouting telling me the last details, “It’s also your engagement party tonight at Buck’s!  Everyone’s gonna be there!”

I finally got off work and made it to the house before my mom got home.  I got in and out.  I thought it was funny because she only made me take care of them.  Not Allison, Robbie, nobody.  I had enough of getting plastic cars and Barbie dolls thrown at me, so I left to get home.  It was about five in the evening and still light out.  I was driving down the street with my window down.  It was nice having the crisp freezing air hit my face.  It jolted me awake; Two-Bit was right, I shouldn’t take anymore of my mom’s crap and I was going to give her a piece of my mind next time I saw her. 

I pulled over on the curb in front of the Curtis house and saw Dally, Darry, and Sodapop carrying the tree inside.  The house was packed, not only was whole gang there (except for Steve) but Sally and Evie were there too.  Two-Bit was lying on the couch spread out from end to the other with his arms folded behind his head.  Ponyboy was sitting on the arm of the couch lighting a cigarette. 

Dally gave him a look like ‘are you an idiot?’, “You’re kidding right Pone?” 

“What?” Ponyboy replied cluelessly. 

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