Amber's PoV
<<6 years in the past.>>
I giggled as I hid from papa Mario. I was flipped into 3D and I had to make sure to flip back every so often.

"Little Amber... Where are you...?" I heard Papa say as he crept around the corner slowly. I giggled softly.

"Hm..." He said as he stopped right in front of me, looking at where I would be facing.
"You wouldn't be..." He didn't finished his sentence as he flipped into 3D.
"I found you!" He said as he grabbed ahold of me as I squealed and giggled. He flipped us back to 2D and placed me on the floor.

"Mario? Whereth are thy Mario?" I heard auntie Luvbi ask as she turned the corner.
"Auntie!" I squealed as I ran towards her. I sadly didn't make it all the way as I had tripped on the stupid dress mama Peach made me wear.
"Ouch! Stupid dress!" I said loudly as I took it off. I was now wearing a navy blue shirt and white bottoms, my hair was down to my mid back instead of in a braid.
"Amber! Put on thy dress child!" Luvbi said and I stuck out my tongue at her.
"You try wearing a dress that's too tight, way too long and uncomfortable as crap!" I told her as I stood up.
"Oh Amber..." I heard a soft voice ask and I smiled.
"I'll see you guys later! Bye!" I told papa and Auntie as I ran from them, heading outside.
My smile grew wider as I saw my favourite pixls outside the door.
"Piccolo! Dottie! Tipi!" I exclaimed as the fluttered down towards me.
"Hello Amber!" Piccolo played softly as Dottie and Tipi said hi.
<<Time skip cause all they did was run around the garden and crap>>
"SCHOOL?!?!" I said loudly as Mama Peach told me something I did not like.
"Yes school. You'll be going to a school in a place called Hareview (I misspelled that 3 times... XD). You'll be going there to learn human things." She told me sternly. I saw Tipi floating by Mario and I saw her wings droop.
"I don't want too! What about my friends!?" I told her as more Pixls came inside.
"Your friends are your father's pixls. They aren't even permitted to be here." She said, eyeing Boomer and Cudge. Those two would cause a lot of trouble around here.
"Their still my friends since you never let me go outside to town!" I told her angrily as tears prickled my eyes.
"They aren't even real! They are pixls!" She yelled.
"...I HATE YOU!" I yelled as I ran out of the room up to my bedroom. I quickly grabbed a suitcase and filled it with my clothes and other essentials that I would need.
"Amber... It's piccolo and Dottie... Can we come in?" I heard a soft voice ask and I wiped the tears from my face.

"S-sure..." I said and I heard my door open as I zipped up my suitcase.

"Y-your leaving??" Dottie asked me, her accent making it hard to understand her.
"I'm sorry... I can't stay here... Not cooped up in this castle... I'll be back one day... I promise..." I told them softly as more tears fell.
"W-we'll m-miss you A-Amber." Piccolo said as a tear fell onto the floor.

"I'll miss you too..." I told them as I grabbed my return pipe to go to the town of Hareview.

"Goodbye..." I said softly as I went down the pipe.

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