Not Enough

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I guess here I stand, not enough.
Never been able to meet anyone's standards, never succeeded anyone's expectations. Not enough, never been able to suffice. Never been enough for anyone, they always seek others to fill there void. I'll never be enough. I don't blame you for looking for someone else, even I know I would never be enough. Nothing special, not enough. I can act one way, but my heart says another. Either way I'm not enough, I can't do anything about it if you leave. I couldn't grab your shoulder and spin you around. I'm not enough, never enough. You always seek others, my console, my words, not enough. Even I know I can't express things. Not enough, never enough. I hate myself, you hate the loneliness. I hate my presence, you hate my words. I hate my words, you hate me. I hate me, you hate the loneliness. Once again the cycle goes. I'm happy for you, I'll always be, I'll just stay here. Not enough, never enough. Words will never express my feelings, but actions wouldn't either. So why should I care? I can't just not with you, I can't express that either. Not enough, never enough.

Not enough, never enough for anything or anyone. I've lived like that for awhile, I guess I'll live on, with a smile. A smile hiding thousands of fallen tears.
Not enough.

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