#9: Run around screaming for no reason.

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Just keep running; just keep running, I thought in a singsong voice as I ran around screaming. I finally stopped, and put my hands on my knees as I panted to catch my breath. That was a lot of running and screaming.

“Annette,” Trevor said, scaring me as I jumped, “why were you running around … and screaming?”

I handed him the list, and pointed to it:

#9: Run around screaming for no reason.

“Oh,” he said, handing it back to me, “that explains it then.”

There was a buzzing sound, and I looked around confusedly. “What’s that?”

“My phone,” he said, shrugging.

“You have a cell phone?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yeah,” he said slowly. “Don’t you?”

I shook my head. “I’ve got nobody to call.”

He pulled his phone out of his pocket, and I stared at it from over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?” he asked, looking at me.

“It’s so cool!” I said, pointing to it. “You have the new iPhone 4!”

“Yeah, so? A lot of people have iPhones.”

I stared at him. “You do know that these things are expensive, right? My dad said that if I wanted to get a cell phone, I had to buy it myself. I’ve been saving for a phone since I was ten, and I’m still nowhere close to something as cool as even the Virgin Mobile.”

“Eh, this used to be my dad’s,” he said with a shrug.

Then something suddenly clicked inside my head. “So, wait, you’ve had a phone this entire time?” I asked. He nodded. “And, yet, you’re still here?”

“Wal-Mart doesn’t have the best reception,” he said, rolling his eyes. “And it was dead last night.”

I rolled my eyes. “Well, it’s obviously not dead now.”

“So? Look!” he shoved the phone in my face. “Two bars. That’s definitely not enough to call or text someone. Besides, there’s really no need. We are in Wal-Mart, after all.”

He walked away after that.

“Hey! Don’t you walk away from me!” I yelled, chasing after him.

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