Part 1

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Kylie's POV

I can't believe me and Cait finally got a house. We have been looking for 2 months now and we finally moved in. We've been living here for like 3 months now and it's been pretty quiet around here. But it's been fun! Cait has been my best friend since birth. We just finished our semester at college and now we are on summer break.

We are currently driving home from our volleyball practice and we pull into our drive way to see a moving truck in our neighbors front yard pull up. We get out of the car and Cait looks at me, "Hey they finally sold that house" she says laughing. I laugh back, "I know it's been like a month." We get to our front porch and see our new neighbors step out of their truck.

And Oh. My. God they were hot. But there was so many of them? But two of them caught my attention eight away. The first one was tall and he had perfect brown hair and his facial features were amazing. He was well build and we was wearing a muscle shirt to show how good it was. The other was a little shorter but still tall his hair was brown a little shorter then the first guy and he was also very muscular.

They look like they were made in a hot laboratory. I look to Cait who was practically drooling. I wave my hand in front of her face and she snaps out of her trance. "Wow." I say laughing. "Shut up they are hot" she says walking in our house. "True" I say walking behind her.

We were going to go over to say 'welcome to the neighborhood' but we were tired from volleyball and plus I hate being those neighbors who do that. Instead we just kind of ignored it.

The next day I woke up and got ready for my morning run. I threw on a long sleeve t shirt and my spandex and played some music in my earphones. Cait was down stairs eating breakfast, "Hey I'm going on my run wanna come" I say. "Pff no! oh and if you see the hot neighbors say hi for me" she says winking sarcastically. I roll my eyes and exit the home.

I start my run around our neighborhood and our neighborhood is huge so it's a nice little run and it's a perfect loop back to my house. As I was running I heard someone behind me I didn't bother to look instead I just turned up my earphones and continued on my run. I was almost home so I slowed down to a walk and took out my earphones.

Once I did I still heard the person behind me and this time I heard their pace slow down to. I decided to look back. And I caught a glimpse of a beautiful human... it was one of the new neighbors, the taller one. I quickly looked back forward when I saw him stare back at me. I heard him laugh at my sudden shyness.

He walked up next to me, "Hey I just wanted to introduce myself I'm Teddy" he says with a smile. I look up at him, "I'm Kylie" I smiled up at him. He looked at me and I broke the silence, "Your new here aren't you? Not to sound creepy or anything" I say looking away in embarrassment. He laughs again, "Yeah I am me and my brothers moved in yesterday" he said running his fingers through his hair.

"Brothers?" I say confused. He laughs again, "no like fraternity" I blush in embarrassment. "Oh right I knew that" I said sarcastically. He smiles, "where do you live beautiful?" He asks biting his lip. I blush again, "house 567" I said and he instantly smirked. "Well I guess we're neighbors then" he says smiling.

I smiled and we kept walking towards our houses. He walked me to mine and I open the door and turned back to him, "Well I had fun walking with you" I smiled. He bit his lower lip again, "me too and if you want we are having a party tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to come?" He asks leaning against the door frame close to me.

I smile and before I can answer Cait comes behind me, "we would love too" she says smiling. He laughs "Great see you two tonight" he winks at me. I wave and close the door. Cait grabs my arm, "Oh my gosh how the hell did you meet him!" She asks. "I met him on my run which you were supposed to come with me on." I said crossing my arms. "Well I guess I love running now!" She says laughing. I laugh at her. Well I guess we better get ready for the party tonight!

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