Chapter 24: Unexpected Guests

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October 6th 2015

I woke up with a pressure against my bare chest. Curled up beside me, head on my torso, was Noah. He reassembled a Ruffled angel. He was so peaceful when he slept, all his worries and self preservation disappeared. He looked young and innocent.

Last night was incredible. Memories and recollections flooded back as I swept Noah's messy bangs from his forehead. He looked adorable wearing my shirt which was a few sizes too big. He mumbled incoherent words against my skin and fidgeted slightly, yet clasped my arm and draped it around him like a belt.

My date had been a bigger success than I could have hoped for. I opened up to Noah and in return he opened up to me. I could still see, there was something he was hiding, but it seemed that it was something he would share when he was ready- he was someone you shouldn't push. The kisses we shared were so sweet and calming. As the night grew on they began to be more comfortable, truth be told I could easily loose myself in Noah's kiss forever; but we weren't quite there yet. We didn't progress further then a quick roam of our hands, yet that was enough. I had firm faith our relationship would grow at its own pace. We had managed to talk and find comfort in cuddling in my bed before drifting off to sleep.

I tried to pry his hand off of me, so I could treat him with breakfast in bed. But his hold was firm, I didn't want to wake him, nor did I really want to leave his side, so I snuggled against him once more. Before I knew it I had drifted again off w sleep.

I woke up to a rugged shake. Noah sultry morning voice, low and husky asked" are you going to get that? Whoever it is has been at the door for five minutes!" I wanted to say no and pull him into my arms again but I could see his anxious expression. He didn't want my life to come to a standstill because of him so I slowly began to saunter out of bed I didn't bother to put on more cloathes- who cares if I answer the door in only sweatpants?

I walked down the stairs, Noah nervousally a few steps behind. He continued to hide behind the back of the door as I yanked it opened. Annoyed at whoever was disturbing our peaceful morning. "Jaxon, Lexi and Kate ..... What are you guys doing here?" I asked astonished.
"It's a long story, first can we come in?" Jaxon hurriedly responds

After i move out of the way they hurry in to the main living room. They all compile them selves on a couch whilst I take seat in the adjacent arm chair. Noah strangles by the door, he looks adorable, so lost. I wave him over and he timidly climbs into my lap. He fits so perfectly onto me that I can't help but smile. Somethings are just meant to be.

Lexi squeals in her sharp high pitch voice " First off, I just have to say, you guys make the cutest couple!"
Kate laughs to this and responds " I can't believe I'm agreeing with the blonde bitch here but you to do"
"Hey I ain't no bitch, bitch" Jaxon who is sitting between the two puts his hands up in a feeble attempt to prevent any cat fights breaking out. "Guys, remember why we're here!" He says. This quickly prevents both of them from doing whatever they have planned. The guilty looks in their faces has spiked my curiosity.
"So why are you guys here?"
Jaxon bites his lower lips then takes up the roll of explaining  their current predicament. It must be something if Kate and Lexi are willing to be on the same side.
"Well, we needed to talk to the both of you, but didn't know where Noah would be so we went to Kate. She said Noah was here with you. Then said if this had something to do with Noah she had to be here for him and demanded to come along" I can see from the corner of my eye Noah smile happily at Kate. She smiles back at him, I still don't understand their relationship. They have a bond filled with secrets Noah has yet to trust me with. A pang of jealousy rises in me but I knock it down- now is not the time.
"So why did you need to talk to us"
Jaxon continues "this is where it gets confusing. But to make a long story short: we found out about you being gay and starting a relationship with Noah. We were cool with it, just annoyed you didn't tell us yourself. Chad on the other hand, he began to become really homophobic and was saying some disgusting things, so me and Lexi beat him up real bad yesterday. What this ended up doing is making him more mad, so he spread the rumor about you and Noah and is trying to cause  hate against you. I'm am so sorry Silva and to you Noah"
I can feel my teeth clench and Noah has begun to become a little uncomfortable in my lap. He has tensed and I think both of us no longer know what to feel or do. I want to wipe the worry away from his face, tell him that it all will be okay, but I'm not even sure of that, so how can I convince him of it?
"I need to call Alec"
"Don't worry man, we did, he's already on his way" as if on cue the doorbell rings.
"It's open!" I shout. Alec saunters in, his cool, calm and collected aura a comfort at the moment.
"Alec what are we going to do?" I ask praying he has a solution.
"Yeah, Jaxon has already filled me in about it. The way i see there are two ways we can go from here" oh thank God. Alec has never let me down and again he keeps that title.
"Those are?" Noah prompts starting to  get aggravated.
"There's an easy option. You deny the rumors. Just last week people saw you and Kate making out, so if you guys don't mind playing it along a little more  people would surely not believe it."
"I can do that" Kate volunteers and Noah nods causing the jealousy in me to make a reappearance.
"The second option is..." I growl
"You could own it. Say you guys are dating and that you aren't going to take any shit for it. Get in front of the curve ball and direct it yourself. "
"Dude, we're not baseball players. We don't pitch curve balls." Jaxon says in all seriousness.
"Dude, it was an expression" Alec retorts aggravated. "Anyway, I don't see many people trying to go against Captain of the Basketball team. It might cause some tensions but you'll have mine and Jaxons back the whole time so that can help."
"But guys, what about the party to night?" Lexi pipes up interrupting the conversation at play.
"Who the fuck cares about some party tonight!" I shout.
"Silver, she's right. Tonight's Saturday. Saturday = Silvers party. Silvers party= whole town. I'm not sure I can handle the whole town tonight. But I don't think it's going to look good if you cancel, or if I'm not here to support you  in which ever way we chose to play this."
I guess Noah is right. Those parties were my rise to fame, to keep up the image. But I'm not so sure that I can handle the image anymore. I have two more years of school, I already have scouts watching me. I can't fuck this up. This is my chance to go to college then become a NBA player, I can't risk it, not for anything. So what does that mean?

I shut down the prospect of Noah and I. Keeping it a secret is one thing, lying that it ever existed is another. There is no doubt this puts a strain on the relationship, hell, all of this does. What if he doesn't want to go any further with it? What if he doesn't want to bother with trouble? What if he rather be with Kate? I'm about to pull him into the kitchen for answers to this. I want to know what he wants, I also need to figure out if I want him more then my basketball career. However. I don't get the chance to. I'm interrupted, by two voices, from the last two people, on this planet, that I ever want to hear.
"I say cancel it and blame it on us"
"Exactly. If we make a few appearances around town today and tomorrow.  no one can blame you" I tense beneath Noah, panic building in my veins. I can see Noah looking at me curiously then turning back to our two new guests. The rooms silent, then finally Noah's velvety, smooth voice breaks it.
"I don't mean to be rude, but who are you?"

Exactly Noah, who are they? And why the fuck are they in my house?

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