5: Roleplay sex(ProdxRoc)

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+Roc's pov+

I woke up to hear whining and crying.

"Please..don't-NO-NOOOO!"I heard Prod's scream.

I raced down to the living room with a bat. But I got down there he was fine. He looked up at me. 

"What hell baby?! I almost thought some one got you or something!"I shouted at him.

Prod looked down at his book. Oh. I nodded understanding.

Prod's in this movie. He gone get raped in it so he has to act horrifid.He's been doing this but not in the middle of nights.

"Roccy! I'm a failure! I can't do it!"Prod whined.

I sat by him and scooped his head to my chest. My baby. My sweet little actor.

"You are not!"I say.

"I am!"Prod cried out.

I grabbed his face. 

"Okay let's see. I'll be the raper, you be the victim."I said.

-Prod's pov+

Roc bounded my hands together and soon we started. He threw me roughly on the couch and climbed on top.

"Let me go!" I cried out.

"Nope can't do that. Can't do THAT."Roc said.

He licked his lips and started leaving wet kisses on my neck.

Shiiiitttt. That feels good. But stayed in character.

"UH! You disgusting pig!"I fought  and wiggling under him but he was so strong! 

Roc started ripping my shirt.

"HEY!"I got out of character."I liked that shirt!"

"Baby if we really were having sex you wouldn't care not get back in character."Roc ordered throwing me back.

I startd to cry.

"Please no! I'm staying pure!"I cried.

"Too late now. I'm taking that purity."Roc growled.

"Oh shit baby your good at this."I slipped a whisper in his ear. 

He snarled. WHy is this such a big turn on.

"You can't have me!"I shouted,"I have a fiance!"

Roc looked at a loss.

"Smack me."I whispered in his ear.

"No! I can't."Roc got out of character.

"Please....A real raper will. I need it."I whisper.

He bit his lip and smacked me across the face.

I started crying harder.


I stopped.

"I'M ACTING!"I shout.

"Oh-Well umm..no where to run baby!"Roc said pulling my pants off in the process my undies.

"Stop!"I scream.

He put a butter knife to my neck. 

"You listen and listen good you little slute. You suck me and this knife won't be down your throat."Roc growled.

I nodded fast and watched as he took his pants off revealing his juciy dick. Mmmmmm the one I've sucked many times but I still have never been able to handle.