Chapter 1

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"One Brazil scarf, please," the eleven-year-old asked. Her friend gave her a weird look.

"Brazil? But Bulgaria is our team, Camz," Lauren said, gesturing to her own red scarf.

Camila looked down at the green scarf in her hand. Unwilling to admit that she had an unexplainable admiration for the color, she came up with an excuse.

"Well you know... my mom is from Cuba," Camila gestured over to the Muggle woman, who seemed fascinated by everything going on.

"Alejandro, look at that! Look at the short little dwarf!" Sinu exclaimed.

"Honey, they prefer the term goblin," Alejandro said, cheeks flushing. "Dwarves look nothing like them,"

Lauren looked back at her friend. "I don't see how Cuba and Brazil are related,"

"Um," Camila felt herself start to sweat. "They both speak Spanish,"

"Brazilians speak Portuguese-"

"Hey look! There's your dad," Camila grabbed Lauren's hand, dragging her towards their families.

"Ah, Brazil!" Mike exclaimed as the two girls walked up to them. "You're the enemy!"

The Minister of Magic pretended to reach for his wand, about to draw. Camila giggled.

"It's not like I'm Voldemort," the young girl said. The adults froze, while people walking by gasped, fear crossing their features.

"Karla!" Alejandro scolded.

"What?" Camila asked, confused. "Was that bad to say?"

"Voldemort," Sinu furrowed her brow. "That's the guy with no nose, correct?"

Alejandro gave his wife a disapproving look.

"If he had no nose, what did he do if he had to sneeze?" Sinu asked.

A look of horror crossed Alejandro's face.

"He was the Dark Lord!"

"He would still need to sneeze,"

Lauren tried not to laugh, earning a scowl from her father. Camila played with the ends of her green scarf.

"You know, you won't be able to wear that scarf once you are sorted into Gryffindor," Clara commented.

"Right, that's the color of Slytherin," Alejandro nodded. "The enemy,"

"But what if Karla is sorted into Slytherin?" Sinu said. "Then she could wear it,"

The other adults laughed.

"My daughter... a Slytherin?" Alejandro laughed. "That's funny,"

"Why, Papa?" Camila asked.

"My family is the longest line of Gryffindor students, you have to be in that house," Alejandro patted his daughter on the shoulder. "You would be with Lauren, too,"

"Yep!" the other girl said happily. "Me and you, Camz! Hogwarts wouldn't know what hit them!"

"But isn't the sorting based off of personality?" Sinu asked.

"Yes, that is correct," Mike nodded.

"And Gryffindors are suppose to be brave?"

"Of course, it's one of our most distinguished traits!"

Sinu looked at her daughter, the girl who runs from her parent's dog, the girl who, when taken to Muggle England, screamed at a portrait of Prince Charles out of fear.

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