Chapter 1

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(Anna's P.O.V) 

"WAKE UP!" Hunter yells pulling off my blankets. "I don't want to." I complain pulling my blankets back over me. "We need to go to school its our first day." He says. " I know that's why I am not getting up." I say closing my eyes. " So you don't want to see Arianna?" He says walking to the door. Arianna has been my best friend since kindergarten I can't believe I forgot about her! "Okay fine for Arianna." I get out of my bed and push Hunter out of the room so I can get ready. "MEET YOU AT THE CAR!" Hunter yells then walks to the living room. 

Hunter and I live together in a nice sized house ever since we lost our parents two years ago do to a car accident. Hunter is only a year older than me, Him being 18 and me being 17. I walk over to my dresser and put on some blue skinny jeans with a mint colored shirt and red high tops. I grab my backpack and phone than walk to the car. "Ready to go?" He asks unlocking the car. "Yeah lets go so I can see Arianna." I say getting into the car. 

Hunter gets in the car and about 15 minutes then we get to the school and Arianna is standing in front of the school. Hunter parks the car in the student parking lot then I get out and run up to Arianna. "ARIANNA!!" I yell running up to her. "ANNA" She yells hugging me and I hug her back. "I missed you." I say letting go. "Me to I am glad to be back." She says. Over the summer Arianna had to go with her grandma in Australia. "Let's go get our schedules." Hunter says then someone walks up. When they get closer I remember who it is, his name is Nathan Smith. He is one of Hunter's best friends don't get me wrong I love Hunter and his friends just not Nathan. "Hey Nate." Hunter says waving to him. "Hey buddy." Nate says walking over to us. "Let's go get our schedules now." Arianna says. We nod and start walking to the gym/

Once we get to the gym we wait in line for our schedules. We get them and look over and see if we have any classes together. "Looks like I have 2nd and 3rd with you Anna." Arianna says to me. "And 3rd with Hunter." I say looking at Hunter. "Hey we have all the same classes." Nate says looking at me with a smile. " Great just great." I say sarcastically. The bell rings signaling us to go to class. Nate and Hunter say bye and walk to their class's and me and Arianna talk on the way to class. "It sucks I have all the same classes with him." I say to Arianna. "Why do you hate him anyways?" Arianna asks me.

 I did't always hate Nate but back in the start of high school he became a huge jerk. He acted this was just to fit in and Hunter did't seem to care that much. "He is a jerk." I tell Arianna. "Oh well I will see you next class." She says before walking into her classroom. I go into my class sitting in the back of the class. After a few minuets Nate walks in and sits next to me, Do to the fact it's the only open seat. "Okay class my name is Mr.Hart and this is Math class." He says writing his name on the board. He starts to tell the class about him self, Like where he is from, how he became a teacher and so on. The bell rang and he dismissed the class, I walk over to go meet Arianna for our next class. 


Hey guys thanks for reading, this is my first story I really hope you guys liked it.

 ^.^ Arianna is my new friend and I thought I would surprise her by putting her in the story, so yaaay!

 Well that's it for now, Till next time have a good day/night and BYEEE /)

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