Chapter 13

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Chapter 13



        "So Jass I was thinking you and I could do this project together." I said leaning over showing off my cleavage. "Nah I'm straight." She said looking up at me then back to her books. "You don't have a choice really. Its either me or fail." I smirked. "Fine." She said grumpy. I lifted her chin with my finger. "Stop by my house tomorrow at 7 so we can get started, baby." I whispered into her ear. She snatched away and I walked back to my seat. EW I gotta remember this is for Kaylen.


          Bell rang and I zoomed to study hall to see my baby. I'd rather not tell her what happened because I know she just trying to get outta this school and if she gets in trouble she'll get suspended for the rest of the year and we got finals in a week. She would fail senior year. 

I saw Y/n walking down the hall I picked her from behind and spun her around. She giggled saying to put her down. I put her down and turned her around pushing her gently against the locker. I leaned in and tongue kissed her grabbing at her butt. She sucked on my tongue while running her fingers through my hair. 

           I heard someone clear their throat. I pulled away pecked her lips and looked back to see Mrs. Taylor. "Hey mama." Y/n said nervously. "Get to study hall you two. I ain't got time for my daughter and daughter in law to fail high school." She said pushing us to the study hall room. "Bye mommy." I said kissing her forehead and grabbing Y/n's hand walking her to our table to sit with my home girl Jordan and her girl Tisha. I dapped up Jordan and hugged Tisha big head ass. "Hey Jordan and tee shirt." Y/n said hugging them and sitting next to me. 

           We studied till the bell rang and me and Y/n went straight to her house to study more. We arrived and there was a limo outside. Every time I pull up with her its always someone outside. 

          "Who is this?" I asked her as she stepped out my car. "I don't know. What's up with everyone popping up at my house." She said rushing to the door to see her mom on the couch with her head hanging low and 2 men in uniforms in her living room. 

           "No! No! No! No!" Y/n said shaking her head walking to the living room. I followed closing the door. "What's wrong." I question. "Nothing it's just my husbands return is delayed." Mrs. Taylor said. "I thought you were going say he was... ya know." I said hugging Y/n wiping her tears that formed. "Scared me." Y/n said giggling. "Well go study. See you guys later." Mama Taylor said.

             "Wait one more thing." one of the soldiers said. "Your husband wanted to video chat with you guys." "Okay."

             The men began setting up everything in the dinning room. They called and a man answered. I guess it was her dad. Y/n looked a lot like him. "Daddy!" Y/n yelled excitedly. "Hey baby girl." "Hey Tony." Mrs. Taylor said. "Hey Maria baby." He smiled. 

              They all talked for 20 minutes and then the computer glitched. "Dad!" Yn yelled. I heard foot steps. I turned and there he was. "I'm home baby." He said opening his arms for a hug. "Daddy." Y/n said running to him. "Tony?" Mama Taylor said hugging him too. I just sat there and watched.


             My daddy's home! I'M SO HYPE. I missed him so much. "Who is this?" My dad said looking at Jass. "Oh Daddy this is my Girlfriend, Jasmine Centina." I said letting him go and pulling Jass out the kitchen. "Hello sir." She said putting her hand out. "Call me Tony." He said hugging her. He is in a better mood than usual. Last time I showed him my girlfriend he was all like "I don't like her. She can't be here." I like that my dad and my girl are cool.

             "Well go study I know it's finals time." He said patting my legs signing he was getting up. I stood with him and gave Jass my hand. She had been sitting on the floor watching us all speak. I was surprised she didn't speak during the conversation. "So you happy your dad's home?" Jass said sitting on my bed putting on her glasses. "Yes but I'm even happier that my big daddy gets along with him" I said straddling her. "Okay nasty. Get ya books so we can study." She said slapping my ass. "I don't wanna start yet." I said kissing her neck. "Bae school now. Fooling around later." She said moving me. "Okay." I said. 

 ~short I know next one will be longer~

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