Mine~ Jealous!HiroXReader LEMON (2/2)

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Your P.O.V
"I'M SO SORRY!" I said hugging him. "I'm sorry for being clueless about your feelings, I'm sorry for not noticing them sooner" I sobbed in his cape as he held me tightly. "Don't worry, but my question is, do you feel the same?" He whispered. I nodded. He lifted my head by my chin with his hand and kissed me. And I gladly kissed back. As we broke for air, I smiled and kissed him again as I put my hands around his neck and his arms went to my waist. This kiss was passionate filled with lust.
"(Y/N) I need you" Hiro whispered in a rather sexy raspy voice turning me on. He started grinding his crotch against mine making us both moan. "Come on" I grabbed his hand and guided him towards the building with our labs. I was happy that today is when they don't close it all day. I drove him to my lab and once the door was closed and locked, we started kissing again but this time Hiro pinned me against a wall.
"You are going to regret kissing Tadashi" And with that he kissed me hard which I gladly kissed back. In matter of seconds all of our clothes were on the floor and we were in a couch I had. I slowly lowered down and grabbed his member.
"Do you think that I would do this with Tadashi?" And I start licking his friend, he started groaning which that made me happy. I got bored so I took him in my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down. "(Y/N)~ Ahhh...faster" His hands were tangled in my hair and with that he forced me to go faster which I didn't mind at all.
"I'm cumming!" And seconds later, he came in my mouth. I gulped everything down. "My turn to pleasure us" He laid me down in the couch and opened my legs. "Are you sure about this?" He asked me and I nodded. I kissed him and he then procceded to penetrate me slowly. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, it hurt like hell. Hiro leaned down and started whispering sweet things.
"Move" I breathed out and he did so, a wave of pleasure rushed in making me moan loud. Hiro took this as a cue and went harder and faster which drove us mad in pleasure. Moans and skin slapping were the only thing heard in my lab.

"Hiro!" And with that, our juices mixed making us to moan rather loudly. Hiro laid down on top of me breathing hard. "I love you" He whispered

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