Part of the Supernatural Series 

This is a short (fast-paced) story about Michael Clifford (5 Seconds of Summer). 

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Copyright: Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved. As Michael Clifford is a real life person, I obviously did not create him nor do I own him. However, the way I've written him in this story is based on my own imagination. I have tried to keep his looks and personality as close to his real persona, but as this is an AU story and I (unfortunately) do not know Michael personally, some things might not be 100% true. I some times have to change things to make it fit the story better.

Although the character of Taryn is inspired by one of my friends, I do own this character as well as this book's entire storyline.

Quote: The quote used in the summary is taken from the book Hollowland by Amanda Hocking.

Inspiration: The Walking Dead, although you'll soon notice that it's merely inspiration, and that I've changed quite a few things about the zombies and their background story making it a completely different storyline.

Rating: This is a PG-13 story. There will be violence, gore and strong language involved.

Non-5SOS fans: If you are not a fan of the band, please don't let it stop you from reading this story. It's not about the band and you could easily picture Michael's character as a different person if you want to.

Editor: lemx222 who proof reads all of my work and adds that little extra to the storyline 

Graphics: Cover made by my friend Etienne (, and banners made by me

Thank you's: I want to thank some of the best people/writers I know for helping me out while writing this; giving me ideas, turning this into a solid storyline and giving their honest opinions on everything I've come up with. redblackladysoundthealarmchaosdearest-hemmo1996 and ksstories you're the best ever, #5YOP!

Note: This book is for entertainment purposes only.

And as always, I would very much appreciate it if you guys could leave a comment to let me know what you think. I love getting feedback; whether it's positive or negative. I am here to entertain you guys with my writing, but also to try to get better with each story I write. So if you could do that for me, that'd be great! :)

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