Stealing Hearts (Niall Horan)

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Stealing Hearts

Niall Horan Fanfiction

Chapter 1

Allison's POV

I place my black and white SnapBack on top of my head. I slide my stole black Raybands onto my nose pushing them into place. My white Reebok sneakers tied perfectly ready for a chase. I'm wearing black shorts and a black v neck. Yeah, decided to be ghetto this morning. Grabbing my skateboard, I run from the alleyway and find my next target. Nobody expected a nineteen year old girl to steal some of the most expensive things out there. They won't know what hit them. I zoom past tourist, and look for the perfect shop. Skating past Nike, I see that it is pretty busy in there. Hmm. Could always use a new pair of Jordan's. I hop off and lean my skateboard against the side of the building. I walk into Nike and and find a worker to come and help me.

"Excuse me Mrs?" I politely ask the worker, Shannon.

"How can I help you ma'am?" Shannon replies.

"I'm looking for a pair of Jordan's, in black and white but they don't seem to have a six seven. Do you mind checking in the back please?"

"Sure no problem, just wait here."

I nod and watch as she walks off. I grab a pair of sevens and held towards the door. I throw the box of shoes above the medal detector and quickly hop out. Placing the box under my arms, I tip my skateboard and head off.

"Someone get her!" I turn around quickly to find Shannon pointing at me while another worker was on the phone. My eyes widen, but so does my smirk. I kick more and go faster, my curly brown hair blowing in the wind. In the distance I here sirens coming closer, looking back, I see them fastly approaching me. I turn the corner quick, almost knocking over bystanders. Up ahead I see five police officers blocking the road with two cars. I smirk and jump of my skateboard letting it roll towards them. I take off running down in alley, knowing that there is a seven foot fence that'd I've have to jump. I see the fence and luckily there are boxes stacked up to the top. I hear multiple feet behind me but I don't dare turn around. I jump the first box and quickly the second. I push of the fence to reach the third. I stand on top of the third and watch in humor as a fat cop tries to climb the first box.

"Listen Miss, give us the shoes and we will let you walk free." I smirk and throw them the shoes. They smile until they actually open it, which happens to contain noting. They look back up but all they see are boxes tumbling down and the girl gone. Laughing to myself I run down the alley way and onto the street. Pair of Jordan's in my hand. Looking up I see the Ritz Carlton hotel, looking back I see the fat cop round the corner looking for me. I quickly pull my hair into a messy bun, take off the hat and glasses. I walk into the hotel, and watch closely As a maid leaves her cart by the front desk. I walk over there pretending to get some extra shampoo and soap, while really swiping the maids key card. Casually walking to the elevator, I place the card into the key and press level ten. As the door closes i see two cops walk into the hotel and look me straight in the eye. I undo my hair and put the hat and glasses back on. Walking out onto the floor, I peek around the corner and see and a curly hair guy walk out of his room with an ice bucket. His mistake was he left the door air jammed. I sneak into his room and run towards the bedroom, hiding in his closest.

"HARREH!" A high pitched voice echoes across the room. A peek out to see a rather bright looking guy with mischief in his eye. He smirks before closing the bedroom door and hiding behind his bed. A few seconds later I hear a knock on the door. Wait, he left it air jammed. DAMNIT. Hopefully he won't notice. The bright guy goes and opens the door and pulling the guy in.

"Did you close the door on me Louis?" The curly haired guy asks the bright one.

"No Harry I didn't, I was hiding from you in your room." The brig-Louis replies. Both their eyes widen.

"What if there's a fan in here?"

A fan? What the hell?

"Could be, call Liam he'll know what to do." Harry tells Louis watching him as he pulls out his phone unlocking it with the passcode 5337.


"Niall why do you have Liam's phone, we have an emergency."

"Niall, ni-"

"He hung up on me saying he Is on his way." Louis tells a confused harry. A few seconds later a dyed blond hair guy walks through the door.

"What did ya do this time?" An Irish accent echoes across the room.

"We think a fan broke into here." Harry tells who I'm guessing is Niall. Niall's eyes widen.

"Did ya check everywhere?" The two lads slowly hang their heads in shame. Niall laughs and immediately heads towards the bedroom I'm in.

"Always check the closets first lads, easiest place to hide." He tells the two. I hide myself in the black section, hoping they wouldn't see my feet. They turn the light on and the high pitched one screams. I jump out and immediately cover his mouth and dragging him back from his friends.

"No one else scream or I'll bite him. " I threaten. The guy widens his eyes and shakes his head.

"D-do you w-want an a-autograph or something?" Harry asks me. I must've look confused or something because he then proceeds to tell me that "We are famous." A knock on the door breaks us apart from our conversation.

"This is the police open up, we heard a scream." They command.

"Listen, you don't know me, you haven't seem me. I. Do. Not. Exist. I bring no harm to who ever y'all are. Got it?" The nod and race towards the door. I hide back in the closest and listen in on there conversation.

"We were just messing around officer. We scared Louis here and he screamed."

"Have you seen a girl about yea height, brown curly hair, pair of Jordan's in her hand?" He asks the boys.

"No sir we haven't seen a girl."

" ok then, sorry for takin up your time. Goodbye now."

I run out and head towards the door hoping that I'd get pass them.

Not a chance.

Niall quickly pins me to the floor.

"Who the hell are you?" Harry questions as Niall stares into my brown eyes.

"Someone who you don't want to be acquaintance with."

"Why did you steal the shoes?"

"Just cause." He groans in frustration.

"At least tell us your name?" Louis try's.

"Nah I'm good."

They all look at me with shock. And then frustration. Then annoyance.

I quickly flip Niall over so I'm the one on top.

"Now y'all listen here. You never saw me, heard of me, you don't have anything to do with me." I say walking out the door.

"Hey mystery girl. You left your phone."


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