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We just stare at each other, lust in each of our eyes. I knew he craved me. I also knew this was wrong.

So I stepped away. Believe me I'm falling head over heals for Jack but I think the same is happening with Nate.

I just can't choose between them.

Maybe it be easier to choose none.

But me and Jack have so much history together and we've been through a lot and just have this deep connection.

But with Nate, he makes everything seem fun and new and exotic and he gives me a rushing feeling. He's the definition of yolo.

I don't want to leave something that could of been a great beginning.

I back away from Nate and head to my car leaving him confused.

I honestly didn't want to be the hoe that fucks with both guys feelings but I had no idea what the hell I was doing.

I drive off to Jacks house where I said I would meet him.

I feel so guilty.

I have never lied this much in my life. I feel like the moment I see him I'm just going to burst but yet I don't each time.

I pull into his driveway before grabbing my things and exiting my car running up to his door.

I take a deep breath before I head inside.


sorry this was short this was just a filler and so it was crappy as hell so sorry but next chapter lest just say its gonna be lit

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