Chapter 1

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Dangit! I just lost my most combustible bomb. Gosh, why must I fail at everything? I was so close, so close! Test 173 almost got him this time. The chest seems to be the most vulnerable area for these...robots? Creatures. Just last time, I happened to throw an explosive at him right near the chest, and he backed off.

I can't believe that N.E.S.T doesn't protect humans as well as they should, considering they ARE a military standpoint for protecting humans from the aliens. However, if that's really true they truly suck at their jobs. I mean, my family died that day! And yet they didn't save them when they should have.

And because of that, I vowed to protect others as well as I possibly could. Taking the militaries job in a way.

I happened to stumble upon N.E.S.T while I was searching for bomb layouts. I had to hack into their systems of course. Which was highly, and I mean highly classified. But curiosity got the best of me and I got in.

Currently, I am attempting to rebuild test 173, but with no luck. I might, however, have used something different in this experiment, though. On occasion, I will use spare parts that are sitting around my shop to build important pieces. Sadly, I can't remember what I could have possibly used this time around.

Although, I really couldn't do with another explosion. In the construction of 173, it set off, which resulted in my left arm getting a serious burn. That happened maybe...6 days ago? I haven't fought any battles since then but even if I have to, I must continue going.

After my first attempt to save a few civilians, I believe the robot is going after me specifically. What I don't understand is why is he wasting his time on me when he could be wasting it on the other robots? Aren't they more important? The ones who are truly fighting against them. In any way, they were the ones that supposedly killed him last time. From the data I stole from N.E.S.T there has been two wars between the two.

Well, it's not just the humans who suck at their jobs, it's the stinking robots too!

Luckily, I was able to set up a few secret cameras to keep an eye on a few cities near me. Doing this to make sure they aren't attacked and if so, I'll be ready.

I also set up my computer to alert me when my camera detects any unusual activity. I have not been caught doing such things yet, but I fear I might one day.



Once more, I wake up to the terrified screams of my family. Oh, how I miss them. It has been so without them. Life must go on, though.

Today I've decided to upgrade my helmet.

It was built for battle, ready with explosives, ammo and protects my skull. It was a challenge finding a place to hide the bombs, but I managed.

This helmet happens to be made from all of my technology, not stolen. I built it all from scrap pieces, either by what I had already, or from what was left from the battle. I made sure not to use any extraterrestrial parts. For, I do not believe it would work the same and that the aliens wouldn't be pleased with me.

The head piece had obtained many scratches and dents after the few attempts on my life.

I once lived a normal life, free of nightmares, hatred, fighting, and well..aliens. Giant robotic aliens are a good way of changing a person's life. Ha, I guess It was not my destiny to have a "normal" life anyway.

To begin the work on the helmet, I go back to my first diagram that I designed. It sorta resembles one of the aliens. I believe them each to have names but its kinda hard to catch them with explosives going off. I remember him being larger than the rest, and colored red\blue.

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