Chapter Fifteen» A Broken Bond

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Silence can determine a lot. It can determine a victory, as everyone stares awed and, it can determine defeat, and loss, as you see everything, around you fall and crash down. Right before your eyes.

Millions of thoughts ran through my mind. Yet, I couldn't comprehend the tugging feeling at the pit of my stomach. I remained in silence. Blocking all thoughts. Hoping the voice at the back of mind, yelling, wasn't true. That it was all a figment of my imagination; and I was only being paranoid.

I stared stiffened at the phone emotionless, feeling an empty numbing inside. As a voice came from the other end, bringing me back to reality. " I'm sorry, wrong number".

I whispered softly, closing the phone, hearing her - Sarah, mutter a chorus of Hello's. Though, I didn't have it in me to question reality, any further. I didn't have it in me, to deal with this.

He lied. The simple dawning truth fell on me. Like a boulder, crashing all my thoughts. He said he was going on a business trip - but instead he's gone. He's gone to see some Sarah, probably his lover.

I thought, the bitter like feeling gripping on to me.

" Naina? Who was that?" Mariam asked cautiously, her voice soft as I looked up at her. Feeling my appetite disappear. Shaking my head, I pushed the plate away from me, hearing  a deafening silence dawn upon us.

The phone within my hand, remained before my gaze. As though it was mocking me. Placing it against the counter, I moved my hand. Like it had been burnt. Feeling my eyes travel towards Mariam. I sucked in a breath. My insides turning.

" Mariam who is Sarah?" I finally asked, after repeating the question in my head again and again like a Prayer; seeing her form frozen in her place. Her body stiffening slightly.

She hesitated, and I could see her body language change. I stared at her waiting for an answer. Waiting for the inevitable. She knew exactly who this Sarah was.

If it took her that long to answer then, I'm guessing,  this marriage wasn't all flowers and hearts. Not that I claimed it was.

" Mrs. Naina it's not in my place to tell". She spoke, rather sorrowfully before facing me; a guilty look plastering  on her face.

Swallowing down my dry throat. I nodded, faking a smile. It wasn't her fault. Why was she feeling guilty. I mentally whispered, feeling my fingers tap against the counter nervously. Trying to make sense of something. Anything.

" Thank you Mariam. I'm just going to head upstairs" I spoke rushed, getting up from the stool and walking towards the large hallway. I felt an uneasy like feeling settling in my heart. Making my form tense.

I wasn't a child. I knew exactly who she was, and the way her tone sounded. One of longing; though  its painful to know,

He would do that after everything- but then again he didn't want me. I was forced on him. I was like a burden to him and as he had clearly said to his mother the other day.
I was nothing but a small little girl in his eyes.

A loud knock erupted throughout the large mansion as I stilled in my position looking at the large brown door. I was hesitant at the beginning not knowing what to do, seen as the workers had specifically told me, I shouldn't open the door; however this time round. There was no one around and the knocking was getting rather impatient.

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