Billionaire's daughter!

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Loads of girls would dream of having, Robert Downey Jr as their dad, but because its my reality I can't stand it!

My Mum was a short fling of my dad's and in the end he got landed with me, my step-mum is great and so are my brothers but in truth no-one in the house-hold actually understands anything about me. My Step-mum says its just a little goth phase but in reality I will always be goth because at least the press will back off if they can't get any pics of me without black make-up.

I'm 21 years old and I work as a dancer, (not with a pole or in a strip club) I work as a back up dancer for the stars like, 30 secounds to mars and big performance shows. I have not had much work lately as my dad's new film Iron man 3 is out so for a while we have to act like a big happy family (As if!).

I stare out my bed room window, waiting for the sun to rise over the hills and welcome the new day. Although I'm a goth, I love the way the brilliant rays of light hit the sky like a beacon for the new day! I hear my little brothers snores from the other room, they're so loud I used to worry they'd suck all the oxygen out of the room. The sky turned brilliant red with a mix of orange and yellow, blazing across the sky. And with that my day had begun!

I sat up, craving my laptop but that meant I'd pass my Dad's room and the thought of talking to him was unbearable as we never had anything to talk about, not our taste in music or films, or anything for that matter; me and dad were like 2 completely different sides of a coin!

I crept past the room as silently as possible, as the floorboards started to creak, my dad's face appeared in the doorway of his bedroom as said, "Looking for this?" as he said it he held up my laptop in his have along with my headphones.

"Can I please have those, dad!" I replied nastily.

"Yes if you agree to come with me to Mac's party?" He asked, Mac was my dad's friend that worked in the music industry and He was the reason for my meeting with my all time friend, Andy Biersack.

"Fine, but whats the occasion?" as I said it I snatched my stuff from his sweaty, clamy hands.

"BVB have released their new album and both Mac, plus Andy would like you to go,".

"Andy asked? but I thought they were going on tour?"

"Nope, they are posponing the tour for a few weeks so that album can get sold and then they are going on tour," with that I ran to my room, and turned on skype hoping Andy was online. Thankfully Andy was online so I started our conversation with: s'up?

He replied: Hey, the sky is up but r u coming to da party?

Me: Hilarious, and yeah can't wait!

Andy:  Awesome, the band really wanna meet u coz they think I'm lying bout knowing u

Me: LOL! who's in the band now?       As if I didn't know!

Andy: Erm...CC,Ashley,Jinxx and Jake, y?

Me:Never mind! y u still up?

Andy: I could ask u the same question, but I couldn't sleep coz J's here

Me: J?

Andy: Juliet, duh!

Me: Oh...OH, okay I'll leave u 2 alone then! bye

Andy: Cheers, bye!

I sat and changed my status to offline before anyone else could talk to me, me and Andy were like brother and sister. We met 2 years ago when Mac took him on as a small band called BVB (DUH!) and then they released "Knives and pens" which became their ticket to fame but the reason I bumped into him was because I spilled juice on me (which then made me look like I'd wet myself) and he lent me his jacket to cover it up. Ever since then we've been really close but never dated as he may be hot but I know him almost too well!