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It was just a normal routine op. Nothing could go wrong they thought. Well,... They thought wrong. All they had to do was pick up a shipment of guns easy Pickens right. Wrong. Ezra grabbed a crate and ran back to the ghost but there was a problem he got distracted and a shot hit him on his chest . It wasn't bad but it hurt plenty. He yelled out in pain. But the yell only lasted a second for he didn't want to worry the crew. The only one who heard was kanan.
"Let's move it rebels "yelled Hera. Soon everyone was back on the ship. "Well I'm goin back to my room" said Ezra quickly.
"Um no way Bridger get back here" said kanan.
"What kanan" sassed Ezra.
"Your hurt " he said bluntly.
"It's not that bad it's a simple chest wound" as soon as he said chest he regretted it. "You got hit in the chest? medbay now. "
"Master I told you it's not that bad. " "Now. "
"Nope not goin" Ezra didn't want him to his scars.
"Fine the I'll just carry you "kanan Said. Before Ezra couldn react he was over kanans shoulder.
"Kanan put me down."
"Not until I look at it. "
"Ugh fine. "When they got to the medbay everyone was already there. "I can't see it well enough take your shirt off "kanan said.
"But master Ezra "complained.
"Now Ezra" he said in a serious tone. "Fine ugh. "He slowly took his shirt off careful around the wound. But what the crew saw shocked them bad. His whole chest was littered with scars.
"Ezra what happened "kanan broke the silence! "I lived on the streets you really think I got off clean everytime? Can I go now?"
"No we're going to clean your wound" said Hera.
"It needs stiches this could take awhile "Hera said.
About two mins into the preparation. Zeb was staring closely at them there was on that said 258ahs branded onto his middle. "Hey I know what we could do to pass time" said zeb
"that is if Ezra is willing to"
"Willing to do what?"
"I point to a scar and you tell its story." Ezra thought for a minute.
"Ok but the brand mark is the last one." "
Deal said zeb. "
First he pointed to a small but deep scar. "Knife" he replied "8 years old" He said simply.
"Excuse me "I said kanan . I was cornered by a gang they wanted my teddy bear I didn't give it to them and I payed for it. Wow said Sabine they were harsh. Yeah I guess. Ok this one said zeb staring at one that looked to be stiched wrong. Oh that one shot by an imperial stealing a maloorun yeah I had to got to a roof and stich it up first stiched wound I had. Where'd ya get the pain killers asked zeb. Didn't have any he said bluntly . Wait you stitched yourself up without painkillers said Hera. Yeah. How many times asked kanan? What? How many times did you stitch yourself up without pain killers and with pain killers. Umm ... 8 different wounds without and I think one with it. Wow. Hera began stitching and he didn't even flinch. How'd you do that asked Hera . What not flinch used to it I guess. Ok this one it was a big long jagged one. He just laughed. What's so funny asked kanan smiling. I was crossing the street and an emperial shuttle ran me over he didn't even stop. Anyway the next day I woke up with that pointing to the scar

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