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"Lucy, I can't wait for the GMC to begin!" Smiled Levy.

"Yeah! I'm all ready to prove to everyone I'm stronger now." Said Lucy all fired up.

It's been two weeks since Lucy and Levy ran into Sabertooth Twin Dragon Slayers. During that time Lisanna and Sterling were getting very close with Natsu and Gajeel.

"Hey Natsu!" Walked over Lisanna.

"Oh hey Lisanna. What's up?" Asked Natsu.

"Oh nothing much... I was just wondering if you want to hangout for lunch." Blushed Lisanna.

"Oh sure let me ask Lucy and the rest of the team if they want to come." Smiled Natsu.

"Oh Natsu I was just talking about us two. You know like a date." Smiled Lisanna.

"Oh....alright." Blushed Natsu.

Instantly Mirajane popped out of nowhere and squealed!

"Nali babies is going to happen!" (⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎) danced Mirajane.

Simultaneously Gajeel and Sterling were talking until he saw Levy return.

"Yo Levy. Come over here." Waved Gajeel.

"Be right there Gajeel." Blushed Levy.

Five minutes a later Levy walked up to Gajeel and Sterling.

"What's up you two." smiled Levy.

"Oh not much." Muttered Gajeel.

"Oh okay. Hi Sterling! How are you enjoying Fairytail?" Asked Levy

"It's great!" Smiled Sterling. "Gajeel just asked me on a date." Squealed Sterling.

"Oh! That's great." Smiled Levy heartbroken. "I've got to go now. See you two." Waved Levy

"Okay bye!" Smiled Sterling and Gajeel.

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