Deadly Affairs- Chapter 8

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                I went through my work day keeping quiet and just trying to get out of there as soon as possible. I was also avoiding Justin at all cost because after what he said this morning it just made it really awkward and I just wanted to forget about it but for some reason my mind just kept going back to what he said in the elevator. I walked out the door of my work building and took a deep breath trying to shake off this stress filled work day. As I headed to Kellin’s house walking down the street I tried to give myself a little “talking to” cause it was quite apparent I needed one seeing as I slipped up this morning letting out details about the night I followed Kellin to him. Luckily he was so naïve and trusted me, probably to the fact that I “saved his life” so he didn’t really think too much into it. I just needed to not let things about my personal hobby slip into my relationship with Kellin. Relationship... that’s a word I haven’t said in a while… Feels kind of nice. I smirked as I walked up to Kellin’s door and knocked on it still thinking about the whole relationship aspect of this whole thing. Because when you cut out the fact that I stalked him and wanted to kill him and was planning on killing him and came close to killing him you just have a relationship between Kellin and I; and I didn’t think the rest was relevant to say.

“What are you smirking at?” I heard Kellin say pulling me out of my thoughts. Looking up I saw a little smirk on his face as well.

“What are you smirking at?” I said back grinning a little harder.

“I’m smiling because you’re smiling like a weirdo when I open the door.” He said with a little laugh.

“Whatever.” I said pulling him by his hips towards me and kissing me. I felt him smile as we kissed causing me to smile as well. “So are you gonna invite me in?” I said breaking the kiss.

“Yeah, come in.” He said opening the door wider and stepping back still smiling. I took a couple steps forward and looked around as I heard him close the door. “So yeah, this is my place…” He said standing back watching my just glance around. I looked at him and gave him a little smile then started to take my jacket off. “Oh here, let me take that” he took the jacket out my hand and went to a closet and took a clothes hanger out and hung it up. I just stood and watched. “Yeah I like to keep my house clean.” He said with a teasing tone in his voice.

“Hey, my house is clean! I’m a clean guy!” I said trying not to laugh.

“Yeah well I keep food in my house” he raised his eyebrow and smirked walking in the other direction away from me. “Come on.” He said. I stood there for a second and smiled after the comment he just made. I began to follow him and we got to his kitchen and he was quite right he is a very clean guy. There wasn’t a dish in the sink, or crumbs on the table, or wrappers on the floor. He’s very neat. Nothing was out of place.

“Do you have OCD or something?” I said walking around the kitchen.

“No, why would you think that?” He turned away from the fridge and looked at me with a confused look.

“Have you seen how clean this place is?” I said. He looked at me and rolled his eyes.

“So in order to be clean I have to have OCD?” He asked.

“In order to be this clean you have to have OCD.” I laughed. “I mean come on I can see my reflection in your floors and they’re wood.”

“That doesn’t even make sense.”  He said.

“Exactly! It doesn’t make sense how clean your house is.” I said.

“Whatever you’re just a hoarder and you don’t like to clean anything.” He said coming closer to me. He came up behind me and kissed my shoulder. “Now instead of worrying about how clean my house is tell me what you want to eat for dinner.” He wrapped his arms around my waist. I smiled as I rested one of my hands on the counter and put the other overtop of his hand that was on my lower stomach.

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