Deadly Affairs- Chapter 4

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                This week has been extremely stressful ever since I ran into my boss at the art museum. He’s been making me stay really late every night and instead of making Justin get his coffee and lunch he’s been making me do it. He’s basically made me his bitch all week because I lied about not being able to stay late. I also think it has to do with me being a little too cocky at the art museum. I should’ve just backed off but I didn’t and now I’m his bitch boy until he gets tired of it and I don’t think he will get tired of it. Every time he tells me to do something or gives me that smirk I imagine myself gutting him like a fish but of course I can’t do that, so they’ll just continue to be vivid daydreams. Luckily today is Friday and I don’t have work tomorrow.

“Fuentes, I’m hungry. Where’s my lunch?” My boss said standing behind me as I was looking over some documents on my computer. I turned around to look at him and he had Justin standing right next to him as usual.

“Well you’re just telling me that you’re hungry so I don’t have it.” I said.

“Are you getting smart with me?” He said looking for a reason to mess with me even more.

“No sir. Would you like me to go get your food for you now?” I said rolling my eyes.

“Well I did just say I’m hungry so.. yeah go get my lunch.” He said in this arrogant tone. I got up from my chair and started to walk pass him, he put his hand on my shoulder. “You’re paying.” He said grinning at me I just kept walking to the elevators. “And you have 15 minutes to get back here.” I didn’t even acknowledge what he said I just keep walking. As I got to the elevator and the doors opened I walked in pressing the button to the ground floor. The doors were starting to close as a hand stopped them at the last second, it was Justin.

“Hey.. He’s being extra douchey today, huh?” The boy said breathing heavily.  He must’ve been running to catch the doors before they closed.

“Yeah.. I guess he didn’t get laid last night.” I said leaning back against the wall. He chuckled at my remark and we rode the rest of the elevator ride in silence. As we got out the elevator and I started to head towards the front doors I saw that Justin was following me out the corner of my eye. I walked out the front door and started walking across the street, Justin was still following me. For some reason it made me uncomfortable, I’m usually the one following people but to be the one being followed felt weird; I didn’t like it. At all. “What are you doing?” I said turning around to look at him a little on guard.

“Going with you to get lunch” he said looking at me confused. I tried to shake it off and act normal again.

“Sorry dude. Guess I’m a little on edge today.” I said giving him a little smile. He gave a little smile back and we continued walking to deli shop.

“So you never told me why he’s being such a dick to you this week.” He said breaking the silence as we walked into the deli.

“Remember when I said my aunt was in the hospital and on her death bed?” I looked at him waiting for some type of response; he nodded at me looking curious. “Well she wasn’t on her death bed. She wasn’t even in the hospital. My friend invited me to go to an opening for an art museum with him and I had already told him I would go so I didn’t want to bail on him.”

“Oh the guy that was standing out front that night?” He asked.

“Yeah..” I said walking up to the counter to order my boss’ lunch. We stood there waiting for the food in silence and Justin offered to pay for the food as the cashier handed the food to us. He’s only been here for a week but he’s clung to me. I’m the only person he talks to besides the other assistants and he’s always being really nice to me, it’s really weird sometimes.

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