Thirty: Re-Kindle The Old Flame

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Chapter Thirty: Re-kindle The Old Flame

The Song I used for this was

One Direction - Home
Nathan Sykes- Over and Over Again


"You don't drink coffee ?" Skarline questions Zayn . There was a cafe not too far away from the university. It was available for students who lived around the campus .

"I hate coffee.." He stated

"How can you hate something so .....delicious " She questioned him as she looked at her own . A simple black coffee, filled with nutrients and energy with a fresh ing after taste.

"I can't be your physiatrist if you don't like coffee " He just shrugged.

"I never asked you to be.." She rolled her eyes .

"Okay genius, if you don't like coffee why take me to a cafe ? " She questioned as Zayn shrugged again .

"Likes to shrug shoulders- Hey !" She complained when he took the pen off her . He raised an eyebrow.

"Can you actually give me time to explain myself before you keep jotting down rubbish....that's why we came here...I buy you coffee and I explain myself "

"Oh how romantic " She said sarcastically " fine, explain away....why don't you talk to people in the campus ? "

"Well..." Zayn thought for a moment as Skarline brings the coffee cups to her lips , sipping it gently . " it's not like I do it intentionally.....I'm just...not good with people "

She nodded "Would you say that you are an introvert "

"The worst kind " He smiled sadly , Skarline noticed before writing it down .

" Have you ever tried to get help ? Attempt to talk to people on open days or lectures ? " Zayn just smiled at Skarline. He'll admit she was annoying but there was something about her , whether it was good or bad . It made her interesting but he couldn't pin point it .

"Let's just say I'm different " Indicating that he was done with that topic . Luckily , Skarline understood .

"Okay so other than you having trust issues do you have have any hobbies you're good at ? "

"Well...I like reading comic books when I'm not busy studying and at my free time I like drawing...creating a beautiful canvas "

"Wait draw ?" Zayn arched his eyebrow.

" Is that supposed to be some kind of insult ? " Zayn said with a hint of annoyance in his voice .

"Oh no no I didn't expect you to be interested in such ...."

The cafe door opened and a woman appeared . Zayn's eyes bulged out and his breathing quickened.

"What in the- what's wrong with you Za-" He pressed his finger against her lips . Her eyebrows were furrowed in confusion not knowing what was going on .

"Shhhhh ! Don't say my name !! " Zayn whispered , ducking his head down. He couldn't be seen with by that woman or else he was finished .

Skarline gasped as Zayn ducked down under the table . She cleared her throat and smiled apologetically to the customer she half frightened.

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