106 A gunfight and a snippety exchange

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106   A gunfight and a snippety exchange

The vibration of my phone wrenches me back to my bed. It's a breathless Alaia, with street noise behind her. "Hi, it's me," she says, all action. "I'm near Downstairs. Lucan's just been shot at from a car. The bullet missed him. The rumour is, it was an assassin from a gang in Red Bank who are trying to get rid of him, to grab his business."

"You sound just like a news reporter. 'Our woman on the front line, bringing hard news from the mean streets of—'"

"Look, there was nearly an assassination here. A gangland execution. Didn't you hear the gunfire?"


"Good thing we don't have to rely on you for world news."

"I've been gathering news about the worlds in people's heads," I reply. "Much more important. I always found gunfights a bit of a snooze."

"Jaymi, the implication of this particular gunfight is perhaps that it suggests the waxworks were just part of a plot to destabilise Lucan's business here, and therefore they weren't sculpted by anyone in Asbury Park after all."

"Oh, I see—you mean this'll finally get Shigem off the hook of Lucan's blame?"

"Hallo! Yes, I do." I can hear her raising her eyes.

"You're right, that's very important." I glance at the bedside clock. "Shigem's only got an hour left in this town before he leaves for the airport, but that is still time to bump him off. I take my hat off to you, one needs a certain sort of mind to grasp the implications of gun battles—"

"One needs a mind, Jaymi ... and sometimes a bit of bold action. Bye."

The line goes dead. "Bye."

Well! Snippety-snip.

Bold action?...


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