Chapter Three: He is Coming Back

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I remembered being one of the first in existence, actually one of the only few alive if that was what I am. There were no beings to populate, pollute and destroyed the land. I enjoy being in the dark, I was always in the dark. I was part of it and it was part of me, we were one. I was content and never wanted any change. But then I was driven out of the darkness because they knew I would never cooperate with their idea. I HATE THEM MORE THAN ANYTHING! My essence was scatter into those disgusting things they created. I couldn’t put myself back together because I was in every man, woman, child, animal, and every living thing whether supernatural or non-supernatural. THEY PLACE ME IN MEAT CAGED FOR ALL ETERNITY! Too bad I found a way out; I will always find a way out. And I will get my revenge by wiping the land of those Supernaturals first, and nothing will stop me, absolutely nothing! The Supernaturals should be grateful because I will get rid of them first. But I should thank them; after all, they were the ones who released me!


I jerked from my sleep and sat on the ground in my enclosed closet. My body started to convulse and shiver from some uncontrollable cold inside my soul. I could still taste the malice from my dream in my mouth. My wolf curled herself into a ball as she whimpered from the memory of our dream. I watched her inside my head as I try to stop my shaking. We sat there for a long time as she and I try to calm ourselves down.

I knew she didn’t want to talk about it just like she knew I wanted to forget the dream ever happened. I have had dreams of this… this Malice all the time, but it was never like this. The hatred was too strong this time. After we put ourselves together, I opened my closet door not caring if it made a sound or not; I was still occupy with the memory and hate I felt in my dream.

“What is wrong with you, what if we were sleeping? Who said you could open the door like you own the place?” I jumped from the voice and spun around to see who spoke.

It was Krista. My wolf and I must have been really distracted for us to not sense her at all. My wolf is really good at sensing if other people were around; she wanted to learn this so we could be prepared before we get abuse. I stared at her as my mind blanked. She looked up at me and scoffed, and then her mouth turned up into an evil smirk. I didn’t know what to say. She was not cussing me or beating me.

She looked too relax, which meant that whatever punishment she was about to throw at me would be painful. I didn’t even understand what she was doing up this early. It was probably about 5:30am. While I picked my brain, thinking about what scheme she was cooking for me I jumped from her sudden laugh. She held her stomach as she laughed while tears pour out of her eyes. I watched her warily; I couldn’t muster up any amount of fear anymore. I just felt defeated! I waited until she was done laughing like a hyena.

“You don’t have to make breakfast today. Just do the laundry, clean the mansion and stay in your closet. We don’t need you polluting the pack house.” All the while she never stopped laughing. She was still laughing her mocking hyena laugh as she turned and walked away. I was frozen to my spot still staring at the empty space Krista once occupied.

I don’t like the atmosphere in the air. They all seem cheerful, too cheerful. My wolf told me cautiously. I sighed, and with my shoulder hunched down I walked towards the laundry room. I entered the large laundry room and widen my eyes. It surprised me every time I saw the amount of clothes I had to wash; today had to be Friday!

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