HANBIN✘Love at first sight

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"Don't be shy to get some foods over there okay?" You asked the children that is seated on their tables.

"Okay!" They answered. You messed their hairs as you left behind them. They just giggled.

You went to the kitchen to distribute some juices for the visitors.

"Unnie, let me help you." Your little sister that is the celebrant of the party started helping you to get the juices.

"No no. You must go to your friends and have fun with them. I'll take care of this." You smiled at her, with an angelic face.

"Thank you unnie for this birthday party. Even though mom and dad isn't here, you are still taking care of me." She hugged you and you hugged her back.

"By the way unnie, my bestfriend's big brother is coming here." You are a bit surprised about your sister said.

"Really? How old is your bestfriend's brother?" You put your hand on your waist.

"I don't know. But my friend told me that he has the same age as you." Your eyebrows met. You gave a okay look and your sister went to her friends again.

As you were welcoming the guests, your sister called you at your back. You turned around with a surprised expression.

"Unnie! Meet my friend Jessica."

"Oh hi Jessica. Have you eaten? Where's your parents?" You greeted. She just smiled at you back then looked at your sister.

"Not yet and my parents aren't here. I'm just with my older brother." They both giggled. You just patted her head. You really like kids since then.

"There he is!" Jessica pointed someone at your back. You quickly turned around. A little bit shy, you looked away after having an eye-to-eye with Jessica's brother.

"Uhm a I'll just go m-meet some visitors there." You utterly said, running away inside your house and sighed as you sat down on a couch.

"I didn't expect that. Why did I react like that? Gosh so awkward!" You said to yourself, slamming your hand to your forehead. You felt that your face was getting red.

"Hi. I'm Kim Han Bin, Jessica's brother. Your sister is always telling me something about you a while ago." He stood in front you then bowed. Your jaws dropped and your eyes widened.

"Hello. I'm ______. Oh my sister? Sorry if she's so naughty and such a story teller." You also bowed at Hanbin.

"Haha it's okay. My sister is also like that." You just chuckled not knowing what to say next.

"Do you want me to serve you some f---"

"No need. I'm already satisfied. Thank you." Hanbin inserted his hands on his jean's pocket. You glanced away because of the silence.

"You look cute with each other." Your sister and Jessica said in unison while looking at you and Hanbin.

"Stop you guys." You said and they ran away.

"They're such a joker. I'll just... go there." You pointed at somewhere, trying not to be awkward with Hanbin. You started taking a few steps away, with a smile on your face.


"Goodbye!" You bid goodbye to every visitor. It is already evening that's why almost everyone in your sister's party is leaving.

"Happy Birthday again." Jessica greeted your sister for the last time and hugged her.

"Come on oppa." Jessica grabbed Hanbin's wrist.

"You go there first. I still have something to say with ______." Your sister and Jessica looked into each other again and started giggling just like a while ago.

"I like him for you." Your sister whispered at you. You just nodded saying no.

"I'll wait for you there oppa!"

"I'll also go there too unnie!" They both went to Hanbin's car and only the both of you are left in front of your gate.

"So... what would you like to say?"

"Can we... meet again someday?" He smiled a little. You felt your face blushed that's why you covered it with your palm.

"You're so cute while blushing. Don't cover your face." Hanbin gently removed your hands from your face. He held your wrist softly.

"A-About your question, of course we can. I'm not that busy here at my house." Your are looking down while you said that.

"Can I invite you for coffee tomorrow? I-I just wanna know you more." He also stuttered.

"Sure. Just send me a message when and where. I guess... we're still shy with each other." You said.

"Yeah I guess so. See you tomorrow?" He smiled widely. Why is he like this? He's making me fall for him! You thought. You nodded.

"Yes." Hanbin murmured but you still heard it.

Your soul almost went out of your body when Hanbin hugged you.

"Sorry. My feelings was just strucked because of you." He told you while still hugging you tight.

You can't say a word after he said that. You shivered and got trembled. You didn't realize that your hands is also hugging him.

"I guess we feel the same thing." You confessed with your heart beating so fast and loud that it can be heard by a person.

Would you prefer it at first sight?


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