Love Square

Written by : Nour O. El Borno

Chapter -1-

Feast Day

Once upon a time in the land of magic and beauty, there were a very charming prince, and pretty princess, Charles and Cathren. They both had amazing true best friends, Alex and Samantha. The four of them grew up together, never fought,  and  were always there for each other. The only secret hidden in that circle of trust was the love Charles had for Samantha, Cathren's best friend. Days passed and Charles love grew bigger. But the problem was that Alex and Samantha were already in-love and the time they spent together was a lot more than the time they got to spend with their friends, Cathy and Charles. Every time Charles tried to say something to Sam, he would back down because he wouldn't want to hurt his friend. But that only made him suffer more. On the 13th of March, which is the feast day of the kingdom, the king would gather all the well-known families of the kingdom and bring someone to prepare them a very delicious supper, and would send all the people some money and food. Everybody was there: her majesty the queen, the king and his wife, the four friends and their families. Sam was sitting next to Cathy and before the two of them sat Charles and Alex: looking at each other, laughing, singing, and having so much fun. Right before starting to eat, Alex stood, walked through the room from his seat all the way to Samantha's seat and held her hand. The room was suddenly so quiet that one could hear a breath, and Charles was able to hear his hearts' beats moving very fast. Said Alex, " I have been waiting this moment all my life; the moment I get to announce to the whole world that I ... ." He was interupted by this very weird and strange voice, voice of weakness and helplessness. It was her majesty the queen, Charles and Cathey's grandma. She was having a heart attack and fell on the floor.

Everybody was shocked no one knew what to do. They called for the royal doctor and took her to her room. After around half an hour that seemed like for ever for the young couple and everyone else, the doctor stepped out of the room and said, "her majesty asks for her highness the princess and his highness the prince." The two were so scared and woried. Their grandma meant the world to them. As they got into the room, she asked them to close the door. Both ran and reached out for her bed and told her how worried they were. The weird thing was that she started laughing. Both of them were very surprised and wondered if a heart attack would mess with the brain. Then she said, " Who are the two most precious boy and girl in my life?"

" We are grandma." answered the two. " Well, my kids, don't you think you would get rid of me this easy! " Both humming with exclamatory marks on their faces asking her to tell them about what was going on. She said, " I know your secret, I am your grandma after all. " Charles as very surprised and the first thing he could think of was "does she know about Samantha? "_ " Grandma, what are you talking about? " Asked Charles in a weak voice. " Oh, honey I know you are madly in-love with Samantha! "_ " What !!! " said Cathrine. "Since when ?" she exlaimed. As Charles ook his eyes off of everyone and stared to the floor, her majesty said, " I know your little secret too, Cathy!" Cathy, " I have no secrets, grandma." , " What about the love you have had for Alex for the last couple of years?" Charles laughed and looked at his sister with looks of irony and said, " hahaha, I see I am not the only fool around here! "_" how did you know grandma ? " _" you are my grand-children do you really think I wouldn't know ? "

" But why now ? why did you faint ? " asked Charles "Yes grandma! You really scared us." said Cathy. " Well, the two of you were not going to do anything and I couldn't see the two of you suffering from love! Someone had to do something. I love Alex and sammy but the two of you love them more than they love each other, and I think you have a chance to live happy all your lives. Don't ask me how I know, I just do ! ", "But you didn't have to scare us like that !" Said Charles. ", " What matters now is what the two of you will do to win their hearts. " , " It's too late now grandma, they really love each other and he was going to propose to her tonight.", " Listen up you too, I will pretend being ill for the next week.

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