Truth or dare Smosh fanfic

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Anthony mari Ian and sohinki were just coming home from a restaurant nobody wanted to go home so everybody decided to play truth or dare

(Anthony's pov)

Mari had just went she picked truth now it was her turn to ask someone

Mari:Anthony truth or dare?


Mari:okay I dare you to kiss Ian on the lips for ten seconds

I really wanted to do this but it seemed a little weird but how could I resist Ian looked so hot in his blue shirt what am I kidding Ian always looked hot I turned to face him

Ian:Anthony u ready

Me:yea dude lets just get it over with

I didn't want it to be over with though. Ian leaned his head in and closed his eyes waiting for my lips to meet his. Soon as our lips met it was instant fire works I heared the others begin the count down 10...9....8....7....6 Ian's tongue sliped into my mouth our tongues began to lightly tussle maybe Ian did like me...wait what am I saying Ian's strait and so am I

(Ian's pov)

I felt my hand move to hold Anthony's neck. I played with his hair. Something was wrong though I couldn't hear counting anymore it was like me and Anthony were the only to people in the room although it wasn't the counting that bothered me though it was something else .... Well never mind soon Anthony and I would have to end our kiss for air, I didn't want to stop the kiss though but I had to I pulled away drunk on Anthony's kiss. I looked down I had just found out what my wrong feeling was Anthony turned me on I had a raging boner. I tried to hide it but the others had already saw it

Mari: oh my god what is that? The ten seconds ended along time ago!!

Me: uhhh ummmm

Sohinki: you know what guys were just gonna get out of here we will catch you later

Anthony: wait guy-

Anthony was cut off by the door closing he looked at me aPnd my accident

Me:dude I am so sor-

I was stopped in the middle of my sentence Anthony leaned in and kiss me I felt amazing why was he doing this though...

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