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Dan👌🏻: I can't believe we missed Halloween, like we didn't go trick or treating, or anything!
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Phil🐯: Well we were cuddling! Watching anime! Eating your cereal!
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Dan👌🏻: Yeah I guess, but I still feel a bit sad though- Halloween is only once a year! Why can't it be like 3 times a year? It's not fair! We missed it! I liked cuddling but we can cuddle anytime we want! I wish there was a rewind button, actually, I wish there was a rewind the weekend button because that would be the best wait I'm having a full on rant I apologise ! But don't you see where I'm coming from? Holidays should be more often, like a chocolate day, where we have a public holiday and we get free chocolate that rains down from helicopters
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Phil🐯: That was a huge rant, are you done now?
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Dan👌🏻: No but my thumbs hurt
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Phil🐯: Aww danny
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Nearly 1k Reads? What on earth? Thank you so much! I hope to update more often :)

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