Okay guys this is the first time I have written a story like this so when or if you comment please don't be too harsh if I screw it over :) I'm happy to write this and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!!

P.S. This first chap will be my shortest I promise, but I needed to get started somewhere so… yeah… Enjoy!


















I scrunch my nose in disgust as the old man I call father walks grudgingly onto the squeaky steps that lead to my front porch. The old White paint slopped on it manages to make me want to barf every time I set eyes on it, and even now that feeling doesn't seem to pass in the slightest.

Each step he takes causes the stairs to moan and groan in pain from the large man standing awkwardly on them.

He mumbles something about 'crap like this is what made be leave this damned place'. I wanted to shoot from the shitty plastic chair my butt is placed firmly into, to scream in his face, OH YEAH! NOT ONLY THIS SHIT HOLE, BUT ME. YOU LEFT 'SHOOT THIS FIRST DECENT PERSON ON THE STREET' TOWN AND ME! AND YOUR DEAD WIFE! REMEMBER HER? OH WAIT, PROBABLY NOT CONSIDERING YOU LEFT WITH SOME SLUT RED HEAD. Instead of the harsh words tumbling out of my mouth like I intended, it just came out as a long and muffled groan. Tears started to stream down my stricken face as I clutched my knees to my chest. The wet substance rolled over my overly chapped lips and into my mouth. The bitter taste of Salt lingered on my tongue, and I couldn't help but whimper at its horrible taste.

To my Left someone began to rub soothing Circles into my Back. I tensed at the unexpected feeling and looked over at the tall man in front of me. Slightly peeved, I flung Richards arm away from me weakly. How dare he think he can just come back into my life just as suddenly as he left? Whatever the hell his damn idea might be of us bonding again and reconnecting, he is sourly mistaken.

"Don't touch me." I growled in a hoarse voice. I tried to clear my voice, but every time I did, it just felt as if I was sucking away the little moister left in my mouth. It felt like days since the last time I had a cup of water, but I couldn't bring myself to walk back into that horrible kitchen full of memories. Full of memory's full of HER.

At that thought I broke down into Tears again. My arms, like Jelly, came roughly to my Hair. I yanked desperately at my Hair, and pulled it every which way. I pulled on it fiercely to try and release the throbbing pain that lingered in my Heart. This pain I could handle; this pain I was starting too really like. It was nowhere near as intense as when her smiling face popped into my head, and only to now see it was all a lie. Her happiness was as fake as the Nails we used to put on together at our famous Tea parties full of stuffed Bears, and magic unicorns. As fake as my laugh was when she said one of her corny jokes that seemed to always pop out of nowhere at the most random times. I used to find those simple things silly and childish, but now all I could think of was how much I missed those sweet moments. Sweet as her Chocolate Chip Cookies as they melted in your mouth.

I heard muffled voices, but I still couldn't bring myself to look at my father’s blank face and Hazel eyes; the same eyes my mom found herself trapped in years ago. The same eyes that lingered on my mother’s face multiple time. Those same eyes watched her as he drove away from this retched town and us; never even thinking of the problems it may cause us later. The Heartache.

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