-Chapter 1-

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Chapter 1- Clandestine




kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit.

Blaire's P.O.V-

"Blaire" A voice interrupts my dream.

"Blaire, wake up we have school"

"What's that Channing? Of course I'll be your wife" I mumbled incoherently

I heard someone snort before "Oh screw it!"

All of a sudden I was pushed out of my dream, and when I say pushed I mean literally. Like I'm on the wooden floorboards of my bedroom now.

"WHAT THE FÜCK?!?!?" I shouted locating the criminal that stole me from my dream. Scanning my room I find one Ethan Black hiding in the corner of my room. In a second I fly over to where he is standing and grab his shoulders tossing him to the other side of my room like he weighed a feather. "You as-hole! I was just getting to the part when Channing Tatum was about to take his underwear off! I was this close!" I pinch my index finger and thumb together leaving almost no room between the two. "WHY?!?" I shout

I narrow my eyes at Ethan to see he is a giggling mess on the opposite side of my room. "Max told me to wake you... He said we have school in a few hours" I'm surprised I heard all of that in between his large intake of breaths and his laughter, huh, must be vamp hearing.

"Ugh I don't know why we have to go to that god awful invention the humans made" I internally shudder at the idea of school in general. Even when I was a human I didn't go to school, so all I have to go off is mean girls and twilight. Not very good examples. "Shoo! I need to get dressed you perv!"

"Awww just when I thought this would be the day" he sighs "oh well I guess I'll keep waiting" at that Ethan frowned and left my room

I quickly checked the clock on my nightstand 6:30 SHIT! I sprinted to the en suite shower and took it vamp speed. Then zoomed to the walk in closet putting on a lacy bra and underwear set. I remember Max saying not to wear anything to bold so I compromised for black skinny jeans, black high heeled boots and a white tee along with my trusty black leather jacket. Of course I had to add in a few weapons just for safety so there is a silver knife in my shoe and a stake in a hidden compartment in the jacket. Safety first, am I right? Then I quickly applied my usual mascara and I added blush and Chapstick to make me seem more human.

I quickly checked the time again 7:00, hey! Not too bad for a first try! I walk through the hallway after I exit my room only to run into Alice. Alice was also apart of my team. She may seem innocent with her big blue doe eyes, pale skin and blonde hair but this vampire is probably one of the sneakiest vampires I've ever met. I quickly looked over what she was wearing, a simple floral dress with minimal jewelry, nude wedges and mascara to bring out her blue eyes and pink lipgloss. She straightened her shoulder length blonde hair to make her seem more young and youthful. Overall she looked amazing.

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