Epilogue part 1

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--seven years later---

Did u set the timers? -Rina
Ya I'm coming down now. Get the car ready -me
K -Rina
I set the last timer and walk to the table near our bed. I quickly glance back at a sleeping Jay and make sure everything is set and ready. I took 20 different timers and hide them around the room. Each timer was set to go off 5 minutes after each other.
Wanted to make sure you weren't late for the interview.
Xoxo -Mira
I wrote onto a piece of paper and set on the table. Then, I quietly snuck out of the room and downstairs. When I reach the living room, Rina's sitting on the couch with a wicked looking grin on her face.
"Did you finish?" She whispers.
"Yep let's go." I whisper back.
"Target or Walmart?"
"Walmart, I look like shit today."
"Oh you look fine."
"Whatever just go before my dog starts barking."
I shove her towards the door and we get into her car.
"When's the first alarm supposed to go off?"
"In about 20 minutes."
"Well we've got the whole day to kill. What do you want to do?"
"Let's shop"
"Sounds good."
---20 minutes later---
Gee thanks for the alarm -Jay
Welcome love u ;P -Me
Im not amused -Jay
Boo hoo -me
"Was that Jay?" Rina asks.
"Ya. He's not to happy."
"Oh well, I think it was a good prank."
"Gotta love the Internet for teaching me all these different pranks."
"You're such a dork." Rina laughs and shakes her head slightly. "And such a cheesy romantic."
"Am not." I argue. Jay and I were hardly romantic.
"Dude, we're going to Walmart so you can buy Nerf guns so you can attack your boyfriend when he gets home from work. That's more romantic than most couples your age." Rina says with a roll of her eyes. I punch her on the shoulder and she whines in pain.
"What was that for?" She demands.
"You're the same age as me. Don't act like 24 is old."
"I didn't say- ugh never mind. You're frustrating to talk to."
I smile proudly; I love watching Rina try to stay mad at me. I poke her in the cheek but she continues to glare at the rode. Eventually, I get bored with that so I turn up the music and we drive in silence.

As we wander around the aisles of Walmart, Rina finally talks to me again. She only talked because I got a text from Jay though.
I really don't like you right now. How many alarms did you set up?! -Jay
20 by my calculations, you still have 5 left to find. May the odds be ever in your favor -me
You're such a dork -Jay
Thanks good luck at the interview -me
Thanks xox -Jay
"Gross, you guys are so mushy." Rina crinkles her nose and looks away from my phone.
"You're just jealous." I say and slid my phone into my back pocket. As soon as I put it there, my phone buzzes again.
"Oh it's Jacob." Rina says. I get my phone back out and see her looking at hers.
Meet at the Olive Garden @5:30 -Jacob
"I almost forgot we were all meeting up today. Ugh that means I need to go home and take a shower." Rina whines as we both put our phones away.
"You need one. You smell horrible."
She gives me a shove and I nearly run into a shelf.
We find three giant Nerf guns and a packet of bullets. Then, we get some face paint and camouflage. Ya, that's right, we're going all out. We went to the checkout and got a few strange looks from people.
"Why do you need to participate in this?" I ask Rina as we get into the car.
"Duh, it's easier to attack two against one."
"I thought you were going home to take a shower."
"I'll just shower at your place. What time will he be home from his work thingy?"
"He said his work thingy should take about 20minutes and it's a 25 minute drive. So we should probably get ready for war."
"Let's do this."
Everything was set up and ready to go. Rina and I were hidden in the apartment, trying to contain our giggles. We were fully decked out in war paint, guns loaded and ready. I had left Jay a gun and a note and I could hear him entering the house now.
"This will be amazing" Rina giggled.
"Shhh be quiet."
"I can hear you guys." We hear Jay say loudly. For minutes, everything was silent. All I could hear was Rina and I breathing. Soon, we started to get impatient.
"Where'd he go?" Rina whispered. I was about to shush her again but suddenly Jay grabbed both of our arms.
"I'm right here." He yells above our screams. Rina and I start to shoot the foam bullets randomly, hoping one will hit him. Unfortunately, he came prepared. He shot us both on the forehead so Rina and I dramatically fell to the floor, pretending to be dead.
"How long were you laying there?" He asks us.
"Can't speak. You killed us." I tell him.
"You can play dead but I gotta pee. Gotta pee gotta pee gotta pee." Rina got up and kept yelling that until she ran to the bathroom. Jay nudged me in the side with his foot so I sit up. As soon as I'm up right, Jay shoots me again. He continues to attack me despite my cries of a truce.
Luckily, Rina returns and steals the gun from him.
"No gun for you. Now stand still while we murder you." She says. Before Jay has time to react, we attack. We use up all of our bullets and chase him around the room. When all bullets are finally gone, we all sit on the bed.
"You guys are such little kids." Jay tells us.
"Nuh uh."
"How long did it take for you to do all of this?" He asks.
"About a half an hour."
"Dorks.. You guys are such dorks."
"We know. Now I must go bathe then you guys can feed me lunch." Rina says and stand up.
"You need to go home and shower." Jay yells after her.
"No thanks." She yells back.
"She practically lives here. Why can't she take all of her shit and go home?" Jay asks.
"Because she likes to spend time with me obviously. Now let's go watch a movie until she's done. Actually, never mind I'll go watch a movie and you can make us grilled cheese."
"But I don't wanna-"
"Too bad we're hungry. It's been a long morning of pranks."
"Did you get Jacob's text?" I ask Jay before taking a giant bite of my gooey grilled cheese. Jay nods his head in response.
"Do you think Sophia will be with him?" Rina asks with a mouthful of food.
"Close your mouth." Jay scolds. This results in Rina and I chewing loudly with our mouths open. Jay makes a look of disgust and answers her question.
"They broke up. He's bringing some new chick named Audrey."
"Has he ever had a girlfriend for more then two months?"
"I don't think so."
"Well we have five hours until we have to go get ready. Let's have a Netflix marathon." I suggest.
"Sounds good."
The three of us snuggle up on the couch, me in between the two of them. We were very smushed together on the small couch. I attempted to shove Rina off but she wouldn't budge. So instead, I practically sat on top of Jay. I leaned my head on his chest and I felt him kiss the top of my head.
"Ew get a room." Rina whines.
"You're in our house." Jay points out and kisses me on the head again. That made Rina quiet.

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