Chapter 40

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----Halloween night----
"What the hell are you supposed to be?" Jacob asked Rina.
"I'm Princess Peach. Matt's Mario." She answered with a frown.
"I told you no one would know what you were." I say.
"Oh shut up."
"You're just jealous of our awesome pirate costumes." Jay says. The boys and I had all agreed on being pirates. We had tried to convince to Rina and Matt to be pirates too but they wouldn't agree. In the past few weeks, Matt and I had become sorta friends. He wasn't totally scared of me any more so I'd say that's progress.
Tonight, we were gonna pass out candy then go to a party.
"When's Matt coming over?" I ask Rina.
"He should be over soon. When's trick or treating start?"
"In a few minutes. It goes 6 to 8."
"Ok then we can head to the party at 8:30. It starts at 7."
"Argh matey sounds like a plan." Jacob says and pokes Rina with his sword.
"You're such a dork." Rina shoves the the foam sword out of her face.
"Arg you're just jealous mate." I say and poke her with mine. Jacob and I start to repeatedly poke her with the swords.
"Jeez you guys can't even behave for for a few minutes?" Jay asks as he walks up to the porch.
"Nope." I reply. He rolls his eyes and gives me a quick kiss on the forehead.
"Ew PDA. It burns my eyes." Jacob says and covers his face with his hands.
"Oh shush you were totally making out with that girl at school yesterday. In front of everyone." I say and shove him slightly.
"Mm Mindy. She was a good kisser."
"Alright losers we have approached. No need for applause." Della says and shoves her way past us. Despite both my sibling being to old to trick or treat, they still were tonight. Della was dressed up as an Indian and Cameron was being a ninja.
"Don't worry, no one was gonna applaud at your nerdiness." I inform her.
"Aren't you guys to old to trick or treat?" Rina asks them.
"Cam you're too old." I insist.
"No I'm not."
"You're 13, turning 14 next month."
Theres no point in arguing with him.
"We'll be back later losers." Cam says and walks away. Della follows behind them, dragging her pillow case behind her.
"Let's not go to the party." I suggest.
"We're going." Rina says sternly.
"Fiiine but we're not staying long. I wanna watch a scary movie before Halloween is over."
"We can leave early and watch one." Jay says.
"I'll watch it with you if I don't have a girl to kiss." Jacob tells us with a knowing smirk.
"Let's get this over with." I say and stand up.
"You're so antisocial." Matt says.
"Thank you."
"I don't think that was a compliment." Jay tells me.
"Well I took it as one."
"Ok weirdo let's go."
We all squeeze into Matt's car and drive to the party. Jacob takes his truck in case Jay and I leave earlier then Dina and Matt.
"You better not leave us behind like the first time." I say to Jay and Jacob as we park.
"Oh we won't." Jay rolls his eyes.
"We had to spend the night in a slide because we were to stupid to call for help." Rina reminisces.
"That was horrible."
"Glad you enjoyed your first party but I promise we won't leave you behind." Jay promises.
"What are you talking about?" Matt questions.
"Nothing important. Let's go in."
We all get out and head inside. We all immediately weave our way around the crowd and find the kitchen.
"Want anything to drink?" Jay asks.
"Just a can of pop. I don't care what."
Jay hands me a Sprite and grabs himself a beer.

We dance to a few songs and socialize to people I don't care about. Many people complimented us on our costumes and many drunk guys called me sexy. It was a pointless night. I tried to have fun but I didn't see what was fun about cramming in a tiny room with a bunch of drunk people. I'm an introvert, sue me.
Eventually, I got bored.
"Can we go watch movies now?" I ask Jay. I had tried to have fun but we've been here for three hours.
"Ya if you want."
"You can stay here if you want. I can just find a way home." I felt bad because I could tell he didn't want to leave yet.
"No it's ok let's go. Meet me by the front door. I'm gonna go tell Jacob we're leaving." Jay says.
"Alright I'll go tell Rina and Matt."
We spectate into different directions and I search the crowd for Mario and Princess Peach. Eventually, I find them making out in the kitchen. Hmm, to interrupt or not to interrupt.
"You two stop making out!" I yell loudly and shove them. They pull away, their cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.
"Sorry." Rina mutters.
"Jay and I are leaving." I tell her.
"Ok I'll see you later."
"Are you staying the night or going home after this?"
"I'll be over."
"K I'll leave the front door unlocked."
"Alright bye."
"Don't have too much fun." I wink and their faces get redder. With satisfaction, I shove my way to the front door. Jay and Jacob are standing there waiting for me.
"You don't have to come with us." I tell him.
"This party blows. Let's go watch some horror." Jacob opens the door. We walk outside and cram into Jacob's truck. There's hardly enough room but we squeeze in.

When we get home, we all go up to my room.
"I'm gonna go change." I tell them and grab my pjs before heading into the bathroom. I finish changing and go back to my room; both boys have changed also.
"Let's watch Nightmare Before Christmas." I say and sit on my bed.
"I thought we were gonna watch horror?"
"I changed my mind. It's on Netflix."
Without waiting for a response, I turn on my tv and clicked on the movie. Both boys groan but don't argue.
I sing along with the opening song and the boys give me glares.
"Must you sing?" Jacob asks.
"This is Halloween this is Halloween."I sing in response.
"Happy Halloween boys." I say once the songs over.
"Technically, Halloween is over. It midnight." Jacob points to my clock.
"Shh don't ruin the moment. Just say it back."
"Fine. Happy Halloween."
"Trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat if you don't I don't care I'll pull down your underwear." I sing.
"How much alcohol did you have?" Jay asks.
"None. I had lots of candy."
"Super." Jacob grumbles.

About halfway through the movie, Matt and Rina join us. We all fell asleep snuggled on my bed watching the Nightmare Before Christmas. It was a good Halloween.

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