13! Finally!

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Aaaahhhh! My sincere apologies for not posting earlier!!!!! It's just that I was starting a new story and wanted to finish that one before I posted while this one is more of a "okay, I'll just make it up as I go along" story. And I didnt think anyone really liked it... And my apologies for constantly changing the storyline!!! I would totally understand if you stopped reading... ~drowning in misery~

End of A/N

Mags POV

My God! Classes have been so unbearable! As soon as I get home I'm gonna swim in the bathtub. Werefish here. Remember? Yep, I'm totally seeing the light coming back into your eyes. Gotcha. Haha, weird moment there...yeah, just forget I said anything. The bell rang. Thank goodness! I almost ran out of my science class. And then...I remembered I had to go home with Will...the little...ugh!

He's so smitten by Tammi and her crowd of sluts. Relax Mags, keep your calm.

A hand suddenly grabbed my shoulder. I yelped and grabbed the arm of the person, and lifted my head up to hit their chin and twirled around and punched them in the nose. I heard a crack.

"Oh God Kindle! What the h*ck was that! I just came over to say hi and you - awww man! My nose!"

"Tri-Tristan Fallen? River! Gosh! I'm so sorry! I just thought you were some creepy pervert or something. I'm soooo sorry!"

"Kindle, no matter how many sorries you say, it's not gonna change the fact that you punched and broke my nose. But...I cannot believe I'm saying this...I forgive you."

I threw my arms around his neck. I missed my best guy friend. I call him a friend even though I've had the hugest crush on him for years. He never did find out. My friends sure tease me about it though. We even had nicknames for eachother. He was my River, my stream, my fountain, my source of inspiration. And in return, I was his Kindle, his lighter of fire.

He never knew what his nickname really meant to me. He just thought that it was something that I randomly thought up of. I grimaced. Afterall, we were in fifth grade when we gave each other nicknames.

"...Kindle? Are you listening?"

I smiled apologetically.

"Sorry, what was that you were saying?"

He knelt on his knees and looked up at me with a smile. I gasped in surprise and put my hands Over my mouth. I was too shocked to speak. Was this really happening?


No!!!!!!!!! Why'd you stop here?!!? Cause, ~insert evil laughter here~ I felt like it.

Love <3


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