At Water's Edge

To whom it may concern, if it concerns anyone at all, 

It came from the depths of night, 

Spreading its blackened wings of darkness, 

Its eyes an abyss of memories, of life 

Its thoughts blend with mine 

Clouding my mind, my fears 

And as I wake, its blackened wings are lifted 

As it retreats to the depths, of night and space. 

Character Index

Declyn Wakefield - Duke of Crescentferd 

Vanessa Wakefield -Duchess of Crescentferd 

Tristan Wakefield- Son of the Duke (10yr. Old) 

Josephine Wakefield- Daughter of the Duke (6yr. Old) 

Stephen Wakefield - Earl of Glenmore 

Robert Hastings - Friend of Declyn's 

Nicholas Devereux - Friend of Vanessa 

Viviane Wakefield- Dowager Duchess of Crescentferd 

Dr. Nathaniel Whittleton - Private Doctor of the Duke's Family


If you are reading this, my children were kind enough to humor an old woman's final wishes. I was never one to keep a diary, not that I was ever a lack for words, as my mother would say. But rather I did not trust that the women in my home, would have ever been able to contain themselves and not read my deepest and darkest secrets. So it is funny to me now, that I am writing this in hope that the story of my life will be read and shared, with my descendants and one day reach those who it was truly meant for.  

In the beginning I started this diary so that I would not forget, as a keepsake in case this was all a dream. Though I do not know how I would have been able to take this with me if it was. Later I continued writing because it helped me remember, kept me focused on returning back to my own time, as I believed that I was not meant to be here. Keeping this diary helped me hold on to who I was, before I took that walk through the mist into the past, into my future.  

As time went on I realized that this was my destiny, this was all meant to be. When you read this you will understand that time is a never ending circle with no beginning and no end. It is fluid and constantly in motion, you cannot change the future no more that you can change the past. The future has been cast in stone, our story has already been written, all that is left is for us to live it, enjoy it and love those who it brings us in contact with. A long time ago I relinquished all control to the fates, for they wield the destiny of all.  

Lady I hope that reading this brings you comfort and peace, though I know that you are hesitant to believe any of it. When you read this I hope that you find that my life turned out more beautiful than I imagined it could be. It is all that you ever wished for me. I found a man to love me and make me happy. He has given me the most beautiful children, who bring me such joy and happiness. My only regret was not being able to share them with you. I missed you terribly, especially through those milestones in my life where a daughter truly needs her mother, and her guidance. But you were always there in spirit and in my heart.  

So I write this now to comfort you when you feel all is lost. In the beginning I was scared, I did not know nor did I understand fates master plan. Looking back now it all fits and makes sense. Though perhaps at my age of ninety five yes, ninety five mother, I have lived long enough I can see the grand scheme of life.  

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